Sunday, September 3, 2017

2017 Disneyland Kids Race

It's Saturday morning and it's time for the Disneyland Kids Races!

Before we left, Ian showed me how fast he's going to run today.

The drive was so much easier than yesterday, making it in just over 35 minutes. And the parking garage wasn't even crowded!

Randomly running into George Sanderson, aka Andrew Kim (a buddy from Congrats on finishing the 10K. Good luck tomorrow on the half!

It's a whole Monsters Inc family! Wow, I couldn't imagine running in the Abominable Snowman costume. Snowcone? They really did smell like lemon.

All the kids warmed up while we were waiting to be let in to the corrals.

These Go-Go Squeeze apple sauce people were everywhere.

Here's where we are. The 100m race for the 1-3 year olds. We lined up around 8:25am.

Waiting patiently for the race to start.

Of course our kids are running in costume. But it's really hot this morning and we were waiting until the last minute to put them in them. Let me fix your hat Alli.

I'm Monsters Inc!

Get that race number on buddy.

Awesome guys! We're running with our friends too, so we've got Woody and Buzz here too!

Couldn't let the kids have all the fun. T and I dressed as Child Detection Agents to match the kids.

Our race starts at 9am. They're holding us until then.

Starting to get full in here.

At 9am, they walked the entire corral over to the start line. The 1-3 year olds get to go first, so that's nice.

In line and waiting for our turn.

They space the kids out 5 at a time, so each once gets their own countdown. It really helps to spread everyone out too, which is nice.

On your marks. Get set...

I asked if they wanted to hold hands and run together and at the starting line, they were. But as soon as they heard "Go" both took off!

Let me just say, having the Disneyland Photographers taking pictures during the race is fantastic. Since they're included with the MaxPass, we get them all free with our Annual Pass!

The kids loved all the attention and cheers they were getting.

High-five at the finish line.

Nice work Alli!

Wow, what a difference a year makes. Alli in the 2016 Diaper Crawl.

Good job girlie!

Our cheering fans, Grammy and Grandpa!


Getting their finishers medals.

And lots of congratulations from everyone they see.

A closer look at the medal.

The lanyard has Wilderness Explorer badges covering it.

Collecting their post-race water.

More high-fives.

Showing off their medals.

Ooh. A nice cool towel.

More apple sauce?

Time to get our official picture taken.

One for the kids by themselves.

And another with the entire family.

Official pictures over. Thank goodness. Finally time to take off that suit. It was SO HOT! Sweat was dripping out of my sleeves and I was soaked. Phew.

After getting the kids changed it was time to head out. Even more apple sauce? Sure.

A quick picture on stage and then it's time to head in to the parks!

Loving the Golden Zephyr.

And after they're done, they're still racing.

It's Lucas' first time on the swings!

Loved it!

And Ian's a big fan too.

Both Ian and Alli have been talking about the Woody ride non-stop. As we were parking the car this morning, Ian was already asking if he'd get to go on it today.

Taking a spin on Mater.

Time to say goodbye to Lucas. Nice race buddy.

Next we'd head over to Disneyland where Ian wanted to go on Splash Mountain. Big thumbs up for it.

T took Alli on Winnie the Pooh while we were on Splash. When we got off, T had lollipops waiting for them.


Bubbles are meant to be shared.

And we've got another first today! Alli is tall enough for Gadget's Go Coaster! Her first big-kid ride!

So... I'm not so sure she liked it. She was excited to start, holding on to me tight in the middle, and smiling at the end. We'll see if she's going to want to ride again next time.

On the way out, I ran into a few other legacy runners. They're coming from a lot further away than me. Kansas and Virginia I think they said. Impressive.

It was no surprise the kids were worn out. Ian fell asleep in the stroller with his sucker on his belly.

And Alli wasn't far behind when we got into the car.

Tomorrow is the big race for me! Number 12!
With a 5am start time, I've got to get up bright and early!


  1. Hi! I don’t know if you’ll ever see this, but where did you get the CDA costumes from? Or specifically where did you get the letters/shapes to add to your costume from? Currently working on the same costume for my husband and I. Thanks so much!

    1. The yellow jumpsuits were just Frog Toggs waterproof suits. In the heat they were miserable because they don't breathe at all. I was dripping sweat. It did make for a good costume though.
      The decorations we put on them were just vinyl cutouts. I happen to have a Cricut, so it was easy. I'm sure you could get just the vinyl without the Cricut and just cut circles of gray and red. I also cut out the letters, but I see you can buy vinyl letters and numbers on Amazon too. Have fun with the costumes!