Sunday, September 24, 2017

Halloween Time at the Disney Resort, weekend #2

Chip, Chip, Chip, and Dale (Rescue Rangers!)

It's the weekend, so it's time for another trip to Disneyland. They're still decorated for Halloween, so we were happy to come in fun hats again.
After seeing what all I had in my Disney hat bin, Ian decided that this week he wanted to go as Chip and Dale. "And I want to be Dale." Ian said. That works. I just so happen to have 3 (yes three) Chip hats. Mine actually came all the way from Disneyland Paris. It also gave me an excuse to wear my Chip and Dale t-shirt.
And of course on the drive to the park, we listened to the Rescue Rangers theme song.
Alright Chipmunks. Where are we headed today?
Ian is working on his map reading skills. Daddy, Splash Mountain is only 16! Wouldn't that be something if the maps would tell you the wait times.

Using the MaxPass we snagged a few fastpasses to Haunted Mansion Holiday and we were off to Fantasyland.

First up. Alice in Wonderland! And look! A new chipmunk has joined our scurry (yes, I looked up what a group of chipmunks is called).

The Storybook Canal boats are always best to do early in the morning. After just a couple minutes we were off and waving at the ducks.

Both of us remembered our Chip and Dale shirts today.

Next I asked Alli to join me in a cup of tea. Alli chose the pink teacup.

While Ian and Jacob ran off to the orange.

Mommy is content to stand on the side and watch.

Next it was time to use our Fastpasses to the Haunted Mansion. Once we arrived we learned that the paper fastpass machines were down today, and the only way to get a fastpass was to have MaxPass. In the short time we were close enough to the cast members, at least 2 different people asked about where to get paper fastpasses. Sorry, they're down. The standby queue is 75 minutes long... Ouch.
As soon as we scanned our fastpasses, we pulled up the app and were able to get another fastpass for Haunted Mansion Holiday just 15 minutes later. After a fun ride-through, we walked right back around to the entrance to use our next fastpasses. Nice when things work out like that. I'm sure it wouldn't have been possible if the paper machines were working today.
Photo is Copyright of Disney

You knew this was coming, right? One of his favorite rides right now is Splash Mountain. After the soaking I got last week, neither Theresa nor Jacob were keen to ride it. Guess it's up to me.

And we lucked out and got the best photo of us to date going down Chickapin Hill. "I'll protect your hat Daddy!" Thanks buddy.
The soaking was mild today. Being in the back row you're usually in good shape. Unfortunately it's a closed bench seat, so even if a wave doesn't hit you directly, it might just hit the seat and have no-where else to go except your backside.

As we exited Splash Mountain, everyone else was just getting done with their 2nd ride on Winnie the Pooh. Even though they weren't due out until 11am, Pooh and friends were greeting people at 10:30am. Big hugs for Tigger.

Then the two of them ran over to give Eeyore hugs.

And finally got to see that willy nilly silly old bear himself, Winnie the Pooh.

Smiles from the chipmunks and bears.

There's something I'm wanting to try from the Hungry Bear restaurant, but they don't open for another 10 minutes. One more ride on Winnie the Pooh!

Disney really went crazy with all the seasonal food offerings. After that terrible excuse for a funnel cake last week, I was still curious to try this offering. Condensed milk, honey, whipped cream? Yes please!

Alli was excited.

Mmm. This definitely looks better than last weeks. It's fluffy and chewy, where last week's was all crunchy. And it's swimming in condensed milk and honey.


One of the selling points were the edible flowers. What do you think Ian?

As we expected, the whole thing was ridiculously sweet. Much better than the s'mores one.

Well now that we've had dessert, it's time for lunch. Over to DCA!

While refilling our AP popcorn bucket near the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, Oogie Boogie was nowhere to be seen. Lots of people were asking the cast member where they could find him. She said they were sold out at Disneyland, but try DCA.
Over in DCA they did indeed have lots of Oogie Boogie popcorn buckets. So many that there were two Disney security guards standing beside them.

And the line stretched all the way back to the Storytellers statue once again. People really are loving these popcorn buckets. And since these $15 buckets are selling for $45 on eBay, it's no surprise that the lines are long.

For the kids, a hot dog and filmstrip fries from Award Wieners.

Theresa and Jacob split tacos from the Studio Catering Company truck.

I was originally going to get one of the seasonal Slow Burnin Mac and Cheese cones in Cars Land. After 5 minutes of being in line and barely taking a step forward, and at least 30 people in front of me, I decided to save it for another time and go back to the bacon cheddar ale soup I had last week. With the one major difference of having the soup in a bowl on the side instead of inside the bread bowl. I really do think you get more soup this way, and it makes it much easier to dip pieces of bread in.

Leave as much as the crust as you want.

After lunch Jacob and I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy.

While T took the kids over to Toy Story Midway Mania.
Ian's getting pretty good! Completely unassisted he earned 67900! Not bad at all for a 3 year old I'd say!
And Alli got 73400 with T doing all the aiming. Both were happy with their rabbit.

After meeting back up, we rode Ariel then over to the Pacific Wharf to get our sourdough bread and chocolate sample. Ian putting together a chocolate sandwich. No worse than Nutella I'm sure.

The parks are starting to get crowded now. Walking back through A Bugs Land, the line for Heimlich's Chew Chew train stretches to the entrance. You know it's crowded when you see that. Time to head home.

Between the parks today and some walking around the neighborhood after we got home, T and I logged over 13 miles of walking today! Surely that's enough to make up for that Milk and Hunny funnel cake.

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