Sunday, September 24, 2017

Jolly Time Popcorn - new flavors!

Every once in a while when we're out shopping I'll find something unique that I know I'll have to sample. Today it was Jolly Time popcorn in three interesting flavors!

We opened them up and the whole family tasted them and decided on their favorites.

First up is Birthday Cake - Snack like it's your birthday pop corn
  • Colorful and sweet, JOLLY TIME Birthday Cake gives you a reason to celebrate every day! Made with light and airy popcorn, sweet vanilla glaze and the fun of pastel sprinkles, this super tasty recipe takes the cake.

And it even has confetti sprinkles! This was the favorite of many, and not just because of the sprinkles. The sweet vanilla definitely stands out and it has a cupcake-like flavor.

Sweet Maple Pancake - Brunch inspired pop corn.
Sweet Maple Pancake was what got my interest in the first place. Maple is delicious. Maple donuts, maple syrup, maple candy. Yum.
  • Sweet Maple Pancake is a brunch-inspired treat that you can enjoy on-the-go! JOLLY TIME Sweet Maple Pancake combines the taste of homemade pancakes, sweet maple decadence, and delicious crispy popcorn into one tasty treat. This popcorn is packed with flavor—no syrup needed.

Out of the three, this was my favorite. And it was the 2nd favorite of many others. Loved the maple flavor.

Cinnamon Sugar Cookie - Cookie flavored pop corn
  • JOLLY TIME Cinnamon Sugar Cookie puts a twist on the old-fashioned, quintessential cookie—and it’s not only for the holidays! Just the right amount of cinnamon sugar topping and buttery flavor complimented with a caramel note.

Not the favorite of anyone, and I really only bought it because it was part of the same bunch of new flavors. It wasn't bad by any means, but I was really liking that maple popcorn more.

I've got a few more interesting food posts coming up, including Lay's Summer Flavors and the Hershey's Flavors of America.

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