Monday, November 19, 2018

Thanksgiving/Christmas in Michigan

A little late coming, but oh well.
For Thanksgiving we all visited family in Michigan! We got in late at night and the kids were excited after waking up the next morning and seeing snow on the ground.

Just enough to make a couple snowballs.

Theresa and I enjoyed our gift from the family. Some relaxing alone-time at the MGM Grand Detroit Immerse Spa.

Not too crowded.

Some delicious thanksgiving treats.

Licking the beaters is the best.

We've been talking about this event all year. What should Alli's first ever movie be in theaters? We decided the second Wreck it Ralph movie Ralph Breaks the Internet would be perfect.

And she loved it. The whole gang was there with her for it.

It's fun just hanging out with family. Alli enjoys her cousins.

And there were some nerf wars going on. Big puffy jacket for Ian to help it not hurt. Eyeglasses for both.

Alli with two nerf guns running after people.

Thanksgiving dinner was plentiful and delicious.

Rita knows that instead of turkey I prefer turkey loaf. Apparently it's not all that well known, and it's not always easy to find.

But it's shaped like a meatloaf, and you get light meat, dark meat, and gravy all in one pan. Fantastic.

Hi kids table.

Greetings adult table.

After seeing one movie, why not head out to another one.

This time we're seeing The Grinch!

Alli sharing her icee.

Ian's my boy. Everyone else got an icee. He saw there was a special edition green Grinch flavor and wanted to do a taste test.

I don't know if she loves movies, or the popcorn and icee that usually comes with it.

A great part about being in Michigan is that there are White Castle Hamburger stands everywhere.

And in the spirit of trying new things, there are two seasonal offerings on the menu.

A Turkey burger with bistro sauce, and a turkey burger with cheddar and cinnamon apple butter. Both were tasty, but I don't prefer them to the regular sliders.

We're celebrating Christmas while we're here in Michigan too, so first we'll help decorate the Christmas tree.

Reach high Ian. Get those decorations up there.

And then they couldn't wait to open presents.

Alright, we've got two of Santa's helpers.

And an honorary elf.

While a tv fireplace and Christmas music played in the background, everyone opened presents.

Ethan sent the kids on a hunt around the room for money.

Like behind the blinds.

Aww. That's fun.

Mmm. Cupcakes.

These cupcakes are inspired by Sugar Rush.

And they liked making slime with Aubrey.

And decorating a gingerbread house with Abby.

Looks great!

Time to eat it!

Bedtimes are more interesting when someone else is running it.

The kids love hanging out with family.

Too soon it was time to go home.

It started out as rain.

Then turned into snow, causing a 20 minute delay while we went over to get de-iced.


  1. Turkey loaf and white castles....what could be better?!

  2. Homemade Toll House cookies are the yummiest!!!!! Ingenious idea to have a "tv fireplace"...never thought of that one. That Thanksgiving/Christmas week flew by too quickly for everyone. But looks like everyone had a very special time, and made some more lasting family memories to treasure. Thanks for sharing!

    1. And my sister-in-law has a delicious recipe for those cookies. My favorite.