Thursday, July 11, 2019

Happy Slurpee Day! 7/11

This family certainly loves Slurpees. And every July 11th we celebrate Slurpee day with 9 million other Americans.
From 11am to 7pm, anyone who walks through the door gets a free treat!
Just head to the register first and get your cup for a free small Slurpee.

CNN wrote a pretty good article on the history of the Slurpee. And did you know the most popular flavor is Coca Cola? I would have guessed Cherry, but I guess it's not that far behind.
Today I also tried the Pikachu Mystery Flavor. I thought it tasted like some kind of tropical fruit. Mango/Passion Fruit or something. After looking at what people on the web were saying, some people's Mystery Flavors were pink and others were blue. Flavor guesses ranged from Cotton Candy to Watermelon to Crunch Berries. Makes me think the "mystery" might just be two random flavors of whatever happens to be around mixed together...

Did you celebrate Slurpee Day? What's your favorite flavor?


  1. The one I checked out had a separate display for the cups, maybe half-empty at 4pm. The floor was super sticky as if there were tons of spills throughout the day. I had a mixture of something red and coke, didn't feel like trying blue raspberry or the other one that was out.
    They tried to get more sales by offering $1 pizza or hot dogs, but nobody that was there while I checked out wanted anything more than a free Slurpee.

    1. Ours typically has 8 flavors, and the kids usually like to try all of them. With small cups though that's hard.
      It has been a while since I've bought anything other than Slurpees at 7/11. And unless I'm really hungry I don't think convenience store hot dogs are going to be high on my list.

  2. (lol) I must live on another planet...I vaguely know the term "slurpee", let alone associate it with 7-11!! After reading the "History of the Slurpee", I realized I had tried only the forerunner of the slurpee, the ICEE. But that was so long ago and a rare treat that I don't really remember much about it, either...all I can recall are the various blue colors on the "ICEE" cup, itself. What I do think of when talking about an "icy treat" is the sno-cone, especially the pretty rainbow-colored ones (maybe because it was more accessible in the nearby markets). Any ways, belated Happy Slurpee Day to everyone! Now I know about Slurpee Day and where a slurpee is sold :-) Btw, I think your guess on what constitutes the "mystery flavor" makes economic sense...why not try to "use up" the slow movers of the day and rebrand them as a "mystery flavor"! EOM

    1. Don't know Slurpees?!? During the summer they're close to a regular thing for us. Now a days, I don't even know where I'd go for a sno-cone. There's Hawaiian Shave Ice shops around but real sno-cones aren't something I see very frequently.
      ICEEs we associate with the movies now, since the AMC theaters near us have those types of machines.