Sunday, July 21, 2019

National Ice Cream Day!

Happy National Ice Cream Day!
Yes it's an official thing. Back in 1984, Ronald Regan designated July as National Ice Cream month and the 3rd Sunday of July as National Ice Cream day!

We celebrated it at Disneyland!

Someone sure does love her ice cream.

Mmm. Sprinkle cones.

The cast members at the Main Street USA Gibson Girl ice cream counter must have been celebrating too because these ice creams are ginormous!

Did you celebrate National Ice Cream day too?


  1. Oops, forgot it was National Ice Cream Day!!! Nevertheless, what a great place to celebrate the occasion (or any occasion). I guess it wasn't just me when I first saw the ice cream cones in Ian's and Alli's hands...I thought, those are HUGE! Not only huge, but sooooooo delicious-looking w/ all those colorful sprinkles on the refreshing ice cream "mountain"...amazing the ice cream didn't melt away in the heat before Ian & Alli made it to the waffle cone! What ice cream flavors did you and T enjoy that beautiful day? EOM

    1. Theresa told me afterwards that people were pointing as we were walking down Main Street towards the castle at the ridiculousness of those ice creams.
      Oh it totally melted all over them. Those pictures are a little out of order up above. I got a picture of them in front of the castle immediately with their huge cones. It was a hot day and you can see in that first photos of them together, that there's a stream of mint chocolate chip ice cream dripping down Alli's elbow. After I got that picture I scooped the tops of their ice creams off into those two cups for Theresa and I.
      Ian's favorite is cookie dough so he got 2 scoops of that. Alli got cookie dough and mint chocolate chip, but she really just likes mint chocolate chip, so T and I ended up with cookie dough.