Monday, July 22, 2019

First Disney visit in a while - New Rides and Experiences

These are some really long breaks (for us) for visits to Disneyland. Our last trip was more than a month ago! And in that time there have certainly been some new additions to Disneyland since we've been gone. Let's go!

The very first change that greeted us was the brand new parking structure. We pulled up to the Mickey and Friends parking garage like we do every visit and were quickly re-routed over to the new Pixar parking structure. We've got all new characters to remember now. Today we're on the Finding Nemo Level.

We are looking forward to the new bridge completion. There's quite a few people crossing at the light (and even more that are jaywalking) to get over to the Downtown Disney entrances.

Somehow the comment came up at home that we haven't been on Radiator Springs Racers in a really long time. As soon as we got into the park, I snagged fastpasses for RSR with a return time of 11:50am. The park opened at 8am today and we didn't get inside until 9am, but so far it's looking like it's pretty empty. First stop - The Bakery Tour. And today they're giving out the big slices!

We still take time to look at the different stages the bread goes through. Ian likes the racks that carry the bread above our heads.

And when we're done the crusts go to the ducks. Not too many here right now. Maybe they'll be here for lunch.

Since we've been gone, a brand new ride has opened! Well maybe not quite a brand new ride. But on September 5th, 2019 Flik's Fliers back in A Bug's Land closed, and then on June 28th, 2019, the Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind opened. It's a very well-done re-theming of an old ride. There's great attention to detail here with lots of references to the movie.

And speaking of the movie, the kids really enjoy Inside Out. We actually started by reading the Inside Out Junior Novel and then watched the movie afterwards.

And they have some favorite moments. Of course they sing the "Tripledent Gum" song all the time now. And then there's this that we got to use when we visited Costco.

I like that they've got models of the characters here. I hope they hold up as they age. They look great now.


You just make the "No Height Requirement" Alli.

Short line this early in the morning. We were the first to load so the kids got their pick of the vehicles. And they picked Bing Bong!

I also like the on-ride narration they've got going on. I'm not sure how many different tracks they have, but while we were there it didn't repeat. My favorite character is Anger.

Mickey's Fun Wheel (or whatever they're calling it these days) is fun and right now there's no line!

It's fun to have a gondola all to yourself and look around at everything.

I know DCA is celebrating The Lion King this summer.

But perhaps they've got a little bit too far in making the lagoon look like a muddy watering hole.

Let's rustle up some critters. It's nice to have a carousel back in DCA.

Hi Forky!
I find him annoying. The kids love him of course.

It's Jacob! It's starting to get warm now today. Waiting in line we were dodging direct sunshine and waiting in the shade as best we could.

Time to pick our cars!

Alli goes straight for the pink one, Cousin Rosa.

Ian went for Cousin Sophia, who is teal and has a luggage rack.

Just an odd aside. These beetles are out and about today. A clumsy one flew right into my face while I was walking earlier. One landed in a girl's hair while we were waiting in line for Luigis. And then when we exited this one was hanging around the strollers. We ooh'd and aah'd at it with the kids, marveling at how shiny and metallic green it was. Even down the legs! Doing our best to not have kids who are scared of bugs.

It's early, but let's have lunch! We've got a fastpass lined up for Soarin at 11:15am and then that Radiation Springs Racers Fastpass at 11:50am. My favorite cheap meal is the Boudin Long Loaf with as much butter as you like for $5.

And it comes with a side of entertainment too. The kids save their crusts to feed the ducks when we're done.

Back to our usual spot... Where are the ducks?

We moved to the other side of the bridge and found a couple ducks, but for some reason they are refusing any bread crusts we tossed. We told the kids that these ducks were not thankful and we'd save our crusts for more thankful ducks.

When I heard the announcement that the original Soarin Over California was coming back to replace Soarin Over the World I was thrilled. The original has so much more charm. The heavy reliance on CGI in the new one is way too fake to my liking.

I was curious if Ian has seen this film before or if he'd only seen the new one. Before we watched it, he was pretty sure he hadn't seen it. And he's right! I went back and checked. He turned 40" and he watched Soarin Over the World for the very first time.

Which means Alli hasn't seen it either. She was a little nervous and held on to me tightly.

When we took off, boy was Ian enjoying the ride. I missed the first minute or so, but I did start getting some recordings of his reactions to the film. And he didn't disappoint.

And boy did he flinch when the golf ball gets hit.

Here's the video I got of it. And thanks to LMGVids for the video of the screen.

We'd intended to ride Radiator Springs Racers, but it's been showing Temporarily Closed for a while and our Fastpass turned into an Open Fastpass for any ride.
I was crossing my fingers that it would come back up and we could actually ride it, so to kill time, we rode Goofy's Sky School. Alli still thinks Goofy is a terrible driver.

It's time to start wrapping up our day so we've got to use up these open fastpasses. Alli wanted to ride Toy Story Midway Mania with mom.

While my little thrill-seeker Ian wanted to go on Guardians.

And this time he decided he was going to keep his hands up for the entire ride. As soon as the elevator doors closed he raised those hands, much to the amusement of a few of the other passengers, and he kept them up for the entire ride! Brave boy!

And upon exiting he immediately sought out Simon, that we got to play with a few months ago.

Hi Groot!

Before we go, there's a couple more new things we're doing. Can you believe Alli hasn't been on the ziplines?

And I think she liked them.

Exiting the ride, one of the rangers was giving a sticker to a camper who was too small to ride the ziplines. Ian and Alli wanted stickers too, but ranger Terry required them to answer a trivia question before they would get it. I think Ian's answer was acceptable, but Alli was quick with an alternate answer. Ian got the next question easily.

For their answers, they both got Junior Ranger badges. Thanks Terry!

And now that she's 42" she can do the rock wall climb too!

Ian loves it too.

A jump/slap to hit the finish wall on the way down.

One other thing we're celebrating today. It's National Ice Cream Day! I placed a mobile order at the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street, extra sprinkles all around of course, and was amazed when they handed me these two ice cream cones. I made the kids close their eyes and then handed them off. Ian was pretty amazed.

Alli was also impressed.

Walking down Main Street with our ice cream, the kids were definitely getting noticed.
Remember I said it was a hot day? It didn't take long at all for it to start melting everywhere. In front of the castle, I got pictures as quickly as I could. Below them is a puddle of melted ice cream. You can see a line of mint chocolate chip running down to Alli's elbow. But totally worth it.

Time to find some thankful ducks. The bridge to Frontierland has ducks who are always eager to eat bread. And we have plenty to share today.

Here ducks!

Time to start wrapping up our day. We walked from the parks through Downtown Disney and over to the new parking structure. The elevators' floors are covered with a Pixar ball.

Which Alli felt the need to recreate once she got back home.

It's been a fun day as we're back and enjoying the parks for the summer. Let's hope it doesn't take 6 weeks to get back again.


  1. Is the soundtrack the same for Soarin'? I never got to try the updated one, but the original song is still one of my favorite memories of DCA!

    1. I don't think it's exactly the same, but it's very similar. And yes, the soundtrack does evoke very good memories.

  2. That was a full day, especially with the heat! I like the kids' poses with the Inside Out characters...the Fear one was probably the cutest one for me. Funny watching Ian's & Alli's anticipation to run out and get their Luigi's cars...Ian flexing his fingers (like someone about ready to open a present) and Alli "focusing and tensing up" to get ready for the "go" signal :-) Nice capture of Ian's unabashed reactions on Soarin'...that "wow" expression and "ducking from the golf ball!" are priceless! Alli really got into the rock climbing...did well for her very first time...she kept at it and didn't get discouraged when it got tough at times. Btw, with the current path and eventual new walking path, does that mean the gazebo visits become a thing of the past? Thanks for sharing a leisurely Disney afternoon TR (those ice cream cones are so amazing every time I see them!) EOM

    1. Yeah, I'm happy that we've got something new where the Maliboomer used to be. Though I did hate losing the Maliboomer, I prefer anything over the cement pad that was there for the longest time.
      I just got permission from T to post the full video of Ian's reactions on Soarin, so if you're so inclined go take a look.
      Yes, Alli is certainly focused on getting things done and doing things right. It's interesting to see their personalities coming through. And yes, I thought she did fantastic for her very first time.
      I think the gazebo trips will still be a thing. We'll just have to end our day in DCA and go out through the hotel. I'm not sure where the bridge will connect to the Downtown Disney parking lot, so it's hard to say for sure if our routes will change. But I'm always okay with a little extra walking if it means we do more things as a family.

    2. Just saw the video...thanks for loading! Unfortunately, for some reason the insert screen for Ian was very dark for most of the video...there were only a few moments when I could see his reaction (very unlike the stills you captured such as the golf ball shot)...not sure why that is. But I did see some glimpses of his wonderment (and heard his excitement & laughter) as he kept looking across the screen just trying to take everything in as the scenes quickly "flew by"...oh, but boy did he spot Disneyland fast :-)...cute, friendly "hi" at the end (I could see him clearly once the lights went on after the show) sweet! Hi to you Ian! EOM

    3. Alright I've given the video another attempt. I lightened the video of Ian. It's a trade-off between being noisy or being dark.

    4. Wonderful!!! I didn't notice any extra "noisiness" w/ the lightened video insert. But I definitely saw more of Ian's open-mouth "Wow" expressions and smiles, "thumbs up", cheers, and "I like it"...he reaaaaaaaaaaaaally enjoyed that Soarin' trip. That was a very special flight for him...wonder if he'll begin asking to visit some of those sites he "experienced". Thanks for the extra effort on reloading the video...enjoyed it very much (both seeing Ian's wonderment/excitement and "re-riding" Soarin' myself!) EOM