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Disney around the World - Day 4 Part 2 - It's Day 1 of Shanghai Disneyland! 2018-10-17

Let's continue our story from last time where we're just getting to Shanghai Disneyland!

It was a very short ferry ride from the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel to the entrance area of Disneyland. 

Alli burning some energy running ahead of everyone. 

So tired now. 

Ian has found some colorful leaves. Seeing as how we've arrived around 3pm, there were no lines to get through security. 

One amazing benefit that Ruston has as a Disney employee is escort privileges for 3 guests! At Disneyland, he can do it all at the turnstiles, but overseas there's a little more checking, so we had to find our way over to this separate ticket window. 

Getting everything sorted out for tickets. 

The kids looking over the maps to see where they want to go first. There's so much to do!

One unique feature is that ticket prices aren't based on age, but on height. I guess they figure that if you're too small to go on certain rides, you don't get the full experience and don't pay full price. Ian is checking to see if Alli measures up, though Alli is totally standing on tiptoes. 

Tall enough to be a child? Perfect! Guess we'll have to buy you a ticket!

While the adults were sorting things out at the window, the kids were having fun running around. Ian unfortunately wasn't paying attention and clotheslined himself on one of the ropes, falling to the ground and hitting his head. Ouch!

Uncle Ruston took Alli to go play with leaves while Theresa comforted Ian. 

Very creative Ruston. 

I love it!

Hearing what was going on, the cast member at the ticket window actually called for the medical team to come over and give Ian a look over. 

Disney security took an interest as well. 

But just a bump on the noggin. With an ice pack he'll be fine. I was impressed though by the responsiveness and concern shown by the cast members here. Thank you!
And show me what else you've collected kids! That's not just a daily ticket for Shanghai Disneyland! That's an Annual Pass! Since Ruston can get the adults in, plus the numbers of days we'll be here, it make better financial sense to buy them a pass for our visit! That's a pretty cool souvenir! How many can say they have an AP for an overseas Disney park? 

Looking through the gates. We're almost ready to come in!

Got our tickets!

There was even a separate line for Annual Pass holders. 

Getting our tickets checked. They verified the kids' ID with their passport, matching the names to their new Annual Passes. 
Alli is like "let me in already!"

We're in!

Walking down Main Street USA Shanghai! 
We certainly stand out though. Alli didn't get 10 yards down Main Street before a stranger came up and squeezed her cheeks!

Our first look at the gorgeous Shanghai Disneyland Castle. It's beautiful. We'll get a closer look on later days. 

I had originally been tasked with planning out our Disney days. What shows should we see, what rides not to miss, what foods to try, etc. I had an excel spreadsheet with everything typed up. Since we're here a half day early though, let's just wander around and see what we can do! 
I see flavored popcorn! One of the things we loved about our previous visit to Tokyo Disneyland were the flavored popcorns! This stand looks to be serving cherry popcorn and caramel popcorn!

Of course we've got to try both! The Cherry Popcorn tasted like a Twizzler. The Caramel Popcorn was deliciously hot and fresh. Both a tasty snack. 

Alli eating popcorn while we waited in line for our first ride. She got confused when Ruston and Jacob swapped flavors. 
Alli is still getting lots of attention. A little 2 year old girl waved hi and said nihow! Alli said nihow back and gave her a high five. Another group of school girls in line gave her a piece of wrapped candy. 

So what is our first ride here at Shanghai Disneyland? The Fantasia Carousel! 
There was a rule that under 120cm (~48 in) couldn't ride alone. I hopped on a horse and Alli and I rode together. 

While Theresa and Ian sat in front of us and rode the bench.
It was fun, but maybe a little too fast for Uncle Ruston. 

We can't leave the area without getting a picture with Walt and Mickey. However, instead of the Partners statue we're used to seeing, we find the Storytellers statue of Walt and Mickey, similar to the one that can be found at Disney California Adventure. 

While the statue at DCA was installed in 2012, this one was installed when the park opened in 2016. 

One of the items on my list that was not to be missed is Mickey's Storybook Express parade. And our timing is great! It's just starting and we aren't too far back to see! 

Here comes Casey Junior!

Ian loved that Donald made a heart at him! 

The gang from Toy Story 3. 

And here's something new! The thugs from the Snuggly Duckling in the movie Tangled! They even have the accordion player!

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. And don't forget Pascal. 

Even with bubbles coming from the beer steins, Maximus is having not of that frivolity. 

A great Finding Nemo float with Marlin, Dory, and Nigel the pelican. 

Mr. Ray following behind, in a similar looking contraption to the Finding Nemo stage show at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida. 

Here's one that's got Alli smiling!

Anna and Elsa! And Sven and Olaf! 

Even Marshmallow is following! You can see the tiny tiara on top of his head too that he got at the end of the Frozen movie! 

Here's a float that was done really well, as it should be since we're in China. Mulan! 

But not exactly Mulan. This is warrior Ping! Riding atop her horse Khan. 

Ian giving a big wave. He's definitely loving it. 

A quick visit with some friends from the Hundred Acre Wood. 

Then finishing with a mishmash of characters from all different movies. Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps from Zootopia, Genie from Aladdin. 

Flowers from Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Captain Hook, Stitch, Maria from the Aristocats, plus Duffy and ShellieMay. 

We loved the energy and music from the parade. Theresa and I were dancing and bouncing through the whole thing. I didn't record it myself, but luckily someone else around that time has, if you'd like to watch the entire parade. 

No debris left on the ground here. Any confetti or trash left behind was quickly scooped up. 

It was here that our little group would soon split up. Jacob and I were able to get a fastpass to ride Tron! We headed off that way while Ruston, Theresa, Ian and Alli went to explore the Toy Story Land that opened just a few months ago! Yep, even though Shanghai Disneyland opened in 2016, in 2018 they added a new land. Toy Story Land! 

Everyone has shrunk down to the size of toys and we're now playing in Andy's backyard! 

One of the really cool things we found here is that you don't just leave your stroller in the stroller zone while you go off to ride something. There's actually dedicated zones and attendants monitoring them! Each stroller is tagged when you bring it in to the park and you're given a matching number. When you go to retrieve it from the stroller zone, you need to show the matching slip! No more stolen strollers, plus whatever you leave in them should be relatively safe! 

The kids really really wanted to go on the Slinky Dog Spin, but neither of the adults they are with like to do those kind of spinny rides. What else is there? 

How about Woody's Roundup? 

Load into an Old West cart and let a pony swing you round and round. 

It's exactly the same as Tow Mater's Junkyard Jamboree (DCA) and the Alien Swirling Saucers (Hollywood Studios), but the kids have fun either way. 

Content and in our happy place! We'll pick up around here in the next installment!

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  1. Alli is a "rock star" in both S. Korea and Shanghai :-) Ticket price based on height!...great idea since many of the Asian children can be small for their ages. Poor Ian...not a great way to start the day with a big bump on the head :-( ...glad he was alright! Ruston playing the Disneyland sweeper artist...nice! What a Disney character-filled many different ones from all those Storybooks...the Casey Jr float was soooooooo adorable (my favorite for cuteness!)...even though I prefer Mulan dressed in her lovely Chinese dress, showing Mulan as a warrior (Ping) isn't surprising since it portrays strength and bravery, something the Chinese culture embraces (not to mention how males are greatly valued!). So appropriate to ride the carousel as a first attraction in a new Disney park...something special to keeping that as a tradition for the kids :-) What neat & unique souvenirs for Alli & Ian...Shanghai AP's!!!...wonderful! It's been a busy day already...everyone still has their energy! EOM