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Disney around the World - Day 4 Part 3 - It's Day 1 of Shanghai Disneyland - evening! 2018-10-17

When we last left off, Theresa, Ruston, Ian and Alli were enjoying the new Toy Story Land at Shanghai Disneyland. Where did Jacob and I run off to? 


This ride started construction at Walt Disney World in Florida in early 2018, but wouldn't actually open until 2023. At Shanghai Disneyland it was an opening day ride in 2016!  

Getting a look at the Baymax Meet and Greet as we walked up. 

Entering the queue for TRON. We were able to get a Fastpass for it!

It was an interesting ride system, getting things clamped down on you. Both Jacob and I thought it felt "small". It didn't have much chest support while we were bent forward. 

Getting our photo at the end of the ride! It was fast, but fun. The outdoor portion was a blast. I can't wait to come back when it's dark. 

Ruston and Theresa came over to meet us. Will he get on TRON? We'll have to see. 

More flavored popcorn! This time it's Salty and Caramel. 

I'm not sure how they got a glaze on the salty popcorn. That's definitely not buttered. It actually tasted a bit burnt. Caramel is the clear winner here. 

Right beside TRON in the Tomorrowland section is Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue! Only 5 minutes for the standby wait! 

Just like how the hotel workers were giving out candy and stickers, so many of the cast members inside the park were giving out treats too! A Buzz Lightyear sticker! 

I thought Buzz was great. Our guns had lasers on them, which was great for aiming. We battled robots from the intro of Toy Story 2, all with video screens that lit up when you hit them. I think Jacob just beat my score of 978k with a score of 984k. Grr. Fun ride though!

At the gift shop by the exit, the kids adored the Angel and Stitch plushes. 

Ooh, and I see some unique Disney hats! I'm definitely keeping my eyes open for special ones to bring home. 

Next was the Voyage to the Crystal Grotto. 

It's a boat similar to the Jungle Cruise. 

But floating by scenes similar to the Storybookland Canal boats. Just not in miniature. And there's so many fun water features going all over this ride. I'll have more photos of it during future days here. 

Aladdin and Genie!

A globe of Earth with the Disney parks marked. Fun!

Sorcerer Mickey. 


We even went underneath the castle to see amazing crystals and light projections (more on those later). 

For now though it's dinner time and we're hungry! The kids are starting to slow down though. It's been a long day. Our first stop was the Tangle Tree Tavern, but it was closed! It's 5:30pm. Prime dining time. But consulting the app, it looks like it closed at 3pm. Weird. 
For our second choice, we trekked all the way across the park to Barbossa's Bounty. 

I've heard good things about this place. There were ribs, chicken, and other grilled foods. The kids meal was "a meatball with rice". 

It was a balancing act holding all the trays of food while Theresa pushed the strollers. A cast member saw us and quickly came over to help. The ambiance of this place is great! 

The cast member found us table right by the water! The cast members have been so friendly and helpful. 

Where we could see boats from the Pirates of the Caribbean floating by. Almost as good as Blue Bayou? Ruston mentioned how amazing the theming was in here. It was dimly lit, so you couldn't even see the ceiling. Everything blends so well! 

The kids meal came with a little more than just the meatball and rice. There's other veggies plus a deviled egg with a Mickey in it! Plus a Mickey carrot! Ian said it was too cute to eat! 
My meal wasn't anything special. Just a few scrawny ribs. Theresa enjoyed her grilled chicken, though Alli ended up eating a lot of it after not liking her meatball. 

Well since we're here at a seaport, it makes sense that there might be pirates wandering around. Who is this? 

Jack Sparrow! 

CAPTAIN. Captain Jack Sparrow. What a fun place to have a walkaround character wandering by! 
Jack - Which ship did you sail in on?
Ian - A plane!  

Jack - I've know where to find some gold coins. Do either of you know how to swim? 
Ian - Mommy does! 
Jack - Ah, ladies first then!  

Jack - What are your names? 
Ian - I'm Ian and that's Alli. 

Jack - And who it this? 
Ian - That's Mommy. 
Jack - I think we used to be married. 
That blew Ian's mind. 

Jack - Ian, stick to the Pirate Code. 

Jack - Alli, pleasure to meet you. 

Jacob getting a picture with Captain Jack too. 

Leaving dinner, it's starting to get dark. 
It's only 7pm, but it's been a really full day. Just this morning we were in Korea! It was supposed to be a slow day, but Disneyland was already calling. 

The kids are both out. Glad we have the strollers. We told Ruston and Jacob goodnight and headed back for the ferry. 

Glad we could wheel them on without taking them out of the stroller. They slept the whole ride back. 

Right by the ferry dock is a well stocked convenience store! So many tasty treats!

And unique flavors of chips! Oh my. I'll have to try some of these. The best deal here was for 20oz Pepsi bottles that were only 3.80 Chinese Yuan (50 cents)! The kids stayed asleep the whole time and only stirred as we walked along the cobblestone steps to the hotel. 

Stopping by the front desk, we picked up the key for our room now that it's ready. It's a garden view on the second floor. Here's a look at the room before we "move in". 

A couple beds.  

Plus a fold-out bed near the TV. 

Unrecycle and Recycle. Nice. 

The bathroom. 

Complimentary bottled water. 

Love the shower curtain. 

And more complimentary pieces from Tinker Bell. 

A short time later after doing laundry and getting everything drying. 

The kids barely stirred as we changed them into jammies and put them into their beds. 

They are super tired from a long day. I don't blame them. 

Ruston and Jacob hung back in the park and Ruston is thinking about riding Tron! 

The launch is pretty awesome! Though it was a one and done for him. Too much motion for someone who gets motion sick. 

This works though! 

Ruston and Jacob stuck around for the fireworks. They weren't too impressed by them. I think we're spoiled with Disneyland and Magic Kingdom back home. 

A pretty view of the castle. 

Good night Mickey! See you tomorrow!

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  1. Perfect ending picture! What an exhausting day for everyone, especially for Ian & Alli...a sound sleep of exhaustion for sure! TRON was a blast for you and Jacob...maybe not so much for Ruston but at least he gave it a try :-) The Crystal Grotto attraction looks so colorful and peaceful...really like seeing Storybook-type scenes (guess fairy tales are my thing :-) )...nice capture of the Castle at dusk as the lights are beginning to give the Castle its early glow. Barbossa's Bounty offered a well-themed dining area...great waterside table view...the interaction with Captain Jack Sparrow was an unexpected treat (Alli was so wide-eyed as she stared up at him initially...he was a larger-than-life character right before her eyes!) The deal of the day had to be the 50cent 20oz Pepsi! :-) :-) What a Disney-filled hotel room...pull-out bed had such a cute mural perfect for the sleeper...such delicate-looking shower curtains with all those Mickeys. EOM