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Disney around the World - Day 5 Part 2 - Morning at Shanghai Disneyland 2018-10-18

Welcome to Shanghai Disneyland! After getting through security and picking up our tickets, we entered the park right around 8:30am, about 30 minutes after the park officially opened. 

As soon as we entered the park, we saw Duffy the Disney Bear in an adorable Halloween outfit! Alli told him that she has a Duffy bear too! 

Let's go on some morning rides! 

Our first ride today is the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train! Check it out! Even thirty minutes after the park opened, it's still just a 5 minute wait! 

We walked quickly through the queue. At this point, I haven't visited WDW enough and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train there to remember if it's identical or not. 

Oh boy! Alli, is this your first big roller coaster ride? She's looking excited! 


Entering the mine.

Look at all those sparkly jewels! 

It's a bit bright. I thought it was a great ride. Awesome combination of dark ride and thrill ride. Alli wasn't so sure that she liked the ride. 

Ah, here's a difference from the Florida version of the ride though! The ending! Instead of a cottage with Snow White and the Dwarfs dancing, we see a few different critters. This raccoon was raising and lowering the skunk into the well while it gets a bath. Not so sure I'd want to drink that water! 

And right before we pulled into the station, we're greeted by a bunny! 

Except it's not just a bunny! Dopey popped up with the bunny on his head! 

Next, let's go ride Winnie the Pooh! Again just 5 minutes to wait! Poor Eeyore. Roo has his tail. Maybe Roo found it and is bringing it back. 

We walked right up to the entrance. 

It was interesting seeing all these stories, but in Chinese. 

Everyone loaded into a honey pot. 

And we're off on an adventure with a very blustery day! This looks to be a copy of the Disney World version of Winnie the Pooh. 

English spellings for the garden. 

The only difference I noticed was there was an extra stop where you got a picture taken for Photopass. 

An adorable plush with Pooh and Tigger in a honey pot in the gift shop that is attached to the exit. 

We crossed the back of the castle to get to our next stop. 

Peter Pan! I'm loving these lines so far today! 

A nice statue of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell at the entrance. 

We walked right up to the loading zone! There was no wait! And it's 9:10am! 

And finally we have a Peter Pan ride with two rows to sit in! All six of us loaded into one pirate ship for our voyage to Neverland! I wonder if that's one of the reasons the line would move faster. 

Everything starts in Kensington Gardens in London where we see a statue dedicated to the Boy Who Never Grew Up. 

Suddenly in the bushes, we see movement! It's Tinker Bell! A few frogs try to catch her, then she flies off with a glittery spray of pixie dust! 

In our ship, we race after her over the rooftops of London. All of the sudden, she darts into the nursery window of 31 Kensington Park Gardens. The windows swing open for us to enter! 

Here we see the bedroom of the Darling children. There are portraits of George and Mary Darling, the parents, as well as Wendy and Michael. Interesting, even a silhouette of Peter Pan. Almost like a shadow. 

Next we see Michael's bed with his little teddy bear. On the wall above it a portrait of Nana, the family dog/nursemaid. 

And here's John's bed. with a pirate sword. 

And here's the Darling children themselves! Peter Pan has already sprinkled them with pixie dust. And these aren't static figures either. John is swimming through the air while the other two float up and down. 

Tinker Bell looks none too pleased with Peter. 

Time to fly out of the nursery window and above London. 

In the Disney World version of Peter Pan, we see Nana down below us barking from her doghouse. In the movie, Michael grabs Tinker Bell and shakes her on top of Nana's behind and Nana starts to fly upwards, though she's still tied to her doghouse. 

In the movie, Nana is waving goodbye to the kids as they go. I love that they included this version in the ride, where Nana is floating up and down and waving to us. 

Across a full wall, we see the four flying off to Neverland. 

We look over the island of Neverland, seeing Mermaid Lagoon, Hook's ship, and the Indian village. 

We know that next in the movie, Hook captures Tiger Lily and takes her to Skull Rock. We follow and the water splashes as we fly low. 

Tinker Bell is trapped. She can't warn Peter Pan. 

He's giving orders to Mr. Smee to release Tiger Lily, but he doesn't see Captain Hook (as a projection) sneaking up on him. 

The two battle (via a projection screen) while Tick-Tock the Croc eagerly awaits below. 

We're on Hook's ship. Wendy has to walk the plank. 

But a battle takes place between Peter and Hook (projected on the sail). Hook falls off and Tick-Tock is waiting for him. 

What a fun adventure! 

We see the ship sail off across the moon. 

And return back to Kensington Gardens where we started. 

What an amazing ride! It had a beautiful combination of real figures and projected screens. It was all very well done. Even better than the Alice in Wonderland ride back and Anaheim Disneyland after it got an upgrade. And finally, this was a Peter Pan ride that actually felt "long". From start to finish was just about 3 minutes (Disneyland is ~1:40 and WDW is ~2:00)! The only downside was a little bit of motion sickness from those who were susceptible. 

But it was so good that Jacob, Ian, and I went around for another flight. 

Let's go explore Toy Story Land! A giant Woody is welcoming us. Upon entering we've obviously shrunk to the size of toys. 

I can see Al's Toy Barn (from Toy Story 2) in the distance, Woody's Rodeo Roundup, and even an RC Racer in the background. 

But this is what the kids really want to ride. Slinky Dog Spin! 

It's not quite a roller coaster. Instead, Slinky goes in a loop, chasing his own tail on a circular track.

Only a 5 minute wait here, but we just missed getting on this one. That means we're first in line for the next! Jacob and I were in front of separate gates, so whichever gets opened first, we'll be able to get the front like the kids requested. 

Every group got a dog bone to hold on to until they were seated. 

When the cast member came around to open the gates, he opened Jacob's first, but mine got stuck! Jacob raced over, trying to hold both the first and second rows, while other people were trying to get there too. Luckily he was successful, but even though it's just one bench, other groups wanted to squeeze in with us at the front! 

Let's spin! 

Here we go! 

There's Slinky Dog. 

And I can see Ian with his hands up high. 

And Jacob and I raising our hands too. 

Even little Alli keeping those hands high up in the air. 

There's another ride here that the kids were hoping to go on, but the don't quite reach the 120 cm (48 in) height requirement. Rex's Racer! Rex and Trixie have gotten a hold of the remote control for RC and are having fun driving him back and forth. 

After just a 5 minute wait, Jacob and I were in the front seat of RC zooming up and down the track. 

Where are Theresa, Ruston, and the kids? Back a Woody's Roundup Ranch trying to tame those ponies. 

Theresa and Alli got behind Tracey. 

And Ian and Ruston have Dottie. 

Smiling at this picture because it looks like Ruston has pony ears. 

She's loving it! I think it's just about time for a snack. What do you think? 

On our walk back to Main Street, we found another cast member giving out Halloween Candy. This time it's gummy fruit snacks! 

But this is where the real treats are going to be. Remy's Patisserie!

Berries, pies, and preserves! I don't think those are real buddy. 

Here we go! These are some of the unique treats we're excited to try! 

And the case was filled with even more fun looking treats. 

Milkshakes, lattes, and macaroons? This patisserie has everything you could want!

In the end, this is what we chose (for our first visit here). There's a Mickey Donut, Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie, Mickey Pie and Mickey Chocolate Muffin, a Pineapple Bun and a Chicken Curry Bun, plus a Mickey pork bun and Mike Wazowski sweet bread. 

We're ready to dig in! 

But first, a cast member came by the table to offer the kids even more candy! 

Let's start with the donut!

Alli was quick to rip the ears off poor Mickey. 
Sadly, the donut wasn't as good as we were hoping. It was really bready. Not like a raised donut or a cake donut. More like bread that was covered in frosting. 

The chocolate chip cookie was a chocolate chip cookie. 

The Mickey Pie and the Chocolate Mickey Muffin were next. 

That Mickey Pie is just too adorable. The features stand out so well! It had an interesting texture. More like a corn bread. And is there cheese in here? Chicken? It was hard to tell. 
The chocolate Mickey muffin was a typical muffin, but getting that shape was well done. 

Next is the Mickey pork bun. It's been stamped with Mickey on the front so it counts. The dough was beautifully flaky and the pork inside was delicious. I thought Mike Wazowski (with one i) would be melon flavored, but it was just a light sweetness. Not bad, but nothing special. 

Last we have a pineapple bun that was disappointing. The flavor was super weak. 
The Chicken Curry pie though was really good! 

So a few misses here at Remy's Patisserie but also a few hits as well. It was a good stop. Only 2 hours in the park and we've already accomplished so much! 

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  1. Amazing how many walk-on rides and near walk-on rides within the first couple hours...especially surprised seeing that for the Peter Pan ride (wouldn't see that at the Anaheim park after 1 hr of opening!) The PP ride was very different from the US much more to see in the Shanghai version. Liked seeing Duffy dressed in his Halloween finest...great way to greet the guests upon entrance to the Park. Looks like some other guests were enthusiastic to get into the Slinky Dog Spin selfie with your family :-) Woody's Roundup Ranch had such adorable ponies pulling the cart...fits right into the "cute" factor for such an attraction...Ruston sprouted ears that reminded me of what happened to Pinocchio :-) All those free Halloween candy treats to the kids reminds me of how Alli & Ian returned that same action when they got older and did it at the MK! Those donuts, especially the dark chocolate covered Mickey and Minnie Mouse ones are sooooooo pretty...too pretty to eat!...the other treats in that display case were so gorgeous, too. The Chicken Curry Pie and Mickey Port Bun appeared to be the standouts...Rita's homemade chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven wins hand down compared to their CC cookie :-) EOM