Thursday, October 26, 2023

Mystery Mountain Dew 2023 - Mtn Dew VooDew 5

Happy Halloween! 
In what has become an annual tradition, Mountain Dew has released another version of their mystery flavor VooDew! What will 2023 bring? 

In their very first year, 2019, Mountain Dew released VooDew that tasted like Candy Corn

In 2020, VooDew2 was said to be a Fruit Candy Explosion, which was a generic term to mean it was flavored like Skittles

Then 2021 brought VooDew3 flavored like Fruit Candy Chews, so Starbursts.

Last year 2022, VooDew4 tasted like melted Bomb Pops to us, but we found out later it was supposed to be Sour Candy Flavor aka Sour Patch Kids.  

What could this year be? 

It's the same cloudy white color as always, so no hints there. 

The label this year has pink and blue as the dominant color scheme. We're also getting a new character on the bottle in the form of a pink mohawk mummy with sunglasses. The Grim Reaper has his traditional question mark around his hood, and this year there are multiple "5s" hidden around the label. I found them in the pink clouds on the left, the spiderweb, and the candle flame. 

The ingredient list is never a help. Natural and Artificial flavors. Could be anything. 

Ian - It smells like Icee. 
Jacob - Hmm, yep. 
Joe - We've had it smell like Icee before, right? 
Theresa - That smells a lot like Icee. Just 10 ml for me please. Cherry Icee? 
Jacob - I was thinking Blue Raspberry. 

So, what's the verdict on taste? 
Theresa - That's not my favorite. 
Ian - It's cherry. I love it. 
Alli - It's cherry. 
Jacob - It's not quite Blue Raspberry. 
Theresa - I feel like it's the mixture of the two. And I definitely don't want it. 
Jacob - I'm getting a little bit of medicinal grape. 
Ian - I love it, I love it, I love it. 
Theresa - Who could drink a whole bottle of that. 

It's getting a thumbs up from me and the kids. 
What's the real flavor? I don't know yet, but we'll see! 

Update: After looking at the Mountain Dew Wiki (yes, such a thing exists), it is now known what the flavor is for 2023! In a first, Mountain Dew has partnered with a major candy brand and doesn't have to use a generic candy name for the flavor! 

On X, Mountain Dew posted that the new flavor was SCAIRY good. 

And on September 26th, a new photo appeared, showing that Mtn Dew VooDew5 for 2023 is flavored like Airheads candy! 

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  1. What an ending photo...those fingers do have that "scairy" look :-) Looks like the mystery Mtn Dew was a partial hit with the family. All the pinks on the label must have stood out to Alli! Clever way of incorporating the "5" to designate it as the 5th year of mystery flavors. Think the classic Mtn Dew is still the best :-) Have a safe, Happy Halloween everyone! EOM