Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Mystery Mountain Dew 2021 - Mtn Dew VooDew

Happy Halloween (just a little early)! 

For the third year in a row, Mountain Dew has released a mystery flavor, 2021 Mtn Dew VooDew! Back in 2019, the mystery flavor was Candy Corn. Then in 2020, it was Fruit Candy Explosion, which we figured out was Skittles. What will it be this year? 

The kids were excited for this one, remembering past VooDew taste tests and reminding me of the previous flavors. They've got good memories, especially when it comes to candies and sodas. 
Mountain Dew isn't giving anything away with the color. Just like the last two years, it's a pale white color. 

Along with the various question marks that are usually hidden in the artwork, we noticed all the different "3s" that were also hidden on the label. In the past, they've hidden obscure clues to the mystery flavor on the label. Like in 2019 where the label was Candy Corn colors. And in 2020 they had bright Skittles colors. This year nothing stands out, but maybe it'll be clear once the flavor gets announced. 

The kids wanted me to hold up the taste test so they could run off and make masks. 
Kids - Daddy, did you see all the 3s we hid in them? 

I do! I see 6 on Ian's mask. And Alli has snuck in a 7th in a wisp of hair on top. 

Let's give this a smell before we taste it. Whoa! It is a strong fruity smell this year. 

Ian took a whiff and said "That smells like Chapstick!" Cherry chapstick.

And after tasting it... 

Ian - It tastes like Chapstick too! 
Theresa thinks maybe a strawberry waxy kind of flavor. 
Alli thought strawberry Chapstick. 
I'm getting more mixed fruit flavors than that. Perhaps a Fruit Punch of some sort. 
My brother Patrick thinks it tastes like Fruit By The Foot. Interesting guess. It is 3 long feet of fruity fun, and this is year 3 for VooDew, plus there's 3s all over the bottle. Or maybe a taffy of some sort. 
Megan's guess is Blue Icee.

Either way though, the kids love it, and they'd finish off the bottle if I let them (I didn't let them). 
When the mystery flavor is revealed, I'll make an update! For now, go grab a bottle and tell me your guess!


  1. Ian is eyeing another sneak drink in that last photo!...I thought he and Alli wouldn't like it because it tasted like Chapstick...I read that completely wrong! Couldn't miss Theresa's "whoa" expression when she smelled the drink :-) Some interesting descriptions and guesses on the mystery flavor. Hey, Ian & Alli...I like your ideas on the hidden 3's on your mask...cute and creative! Will be fun to discover what the 3's have to do with the mystery flavor. EOM

  2. My Mountain Dew Flavor Guess Is Ghostly Vanilla. Is that the right flavor?

    1. It was announced on Halloween that this year's flavor was Fruit Candy Chews (aka Starbursts).