Monday, September 6, 2021

Pizza at Home - Hershey Pennsylvania S'mores Pizza

Happy Sunday! I'm loving these pizzas that are themed to the locations we're staying. Currently we're in Hershey Pennsylvania and so of course I'm going to theme this week's pizza around Hershey Chocolate! I've had a dessert pizza in mind for a while and this seems like the perfect opportunity to try it. Today I'm going to make a S'mores pizza with Hershey's chocolate!

And I can't just make a regular crust for this pizza. I'm going to make a pizza crust, but there's going to be graham crackers involved. I'm also bumping up the sweetness by adding a quarter cup of sugar. 

I took a package of graham crackers, 10 sheets, and put them in a ziptop bag. 

A few minutes with my rolling pin and the graham crackers are now crumbs. 

The next part was adding flour until it's the consistency that I'm looking for. I generally like a wet dough, so I've kept it to about 2 cups. 

It's actually in the 70s today, which is a welcome change to the heat that we've had recently. Still, the middle of my truck is still the best place for this dough to rise. 

Happy yeast means light and fluffy dough. 

Today's pizza will be featuring Hershey's chocolate along with Jet-Puffed marshmallows. I pressed out my graham cracker pizza dough and let it rise for a few minutes. 

And that's not the only pizza we're going to have today. Far from it! We've got visitors and we have a lot of different tastes. I made two large pizzas but split them half and half. For the first it's loaded with pepperonis on one half, and the other is a meat pizza with sausage/pepperoni/ham/bacon. The second pizza is ham/pineapple/onion with the other half being sausage/pepperoni/black olives/mushrooms/onions. 

And an entire tray of breadsticks for Alli, and whoever she decides to share with. 

My first plate looks delicious but I'm really looking forward to that dessert pizza. 

Everyone is digging in. I mentioned that Ian doesn't like pepperoni pizza and he's in the middle of giving me a look. Because Ian doesn't like pepperoni pizza, he loves pepperoni pizza. 

My graham cracker crust has been baking in the oven for a few minutes. It's set up nicely and ready for me to add toppings. 

I've got a full-size Hershey chocolate bar and about 13 snack size Hershey bars. 

The crust is so hot that it's already melting my chocolate bars. About 20 marshmallows looked right to me. 

Back into the pizza oven at 480F with the convection setting. I had to keep a close eye on the marshmallows. They'll melt, but give it too long and it'll start to burn. 

That looks just about perfect! Those marshmallows are golden brown and delicious on top. The chocolate is melted underneath. It's just missing one thing. 

The crust has graham crackers mixed in, but I want more graham cracker crunch to go along with this. I crunched up a few more graham crackers and scattered the pieces on top. 

This has been making the place smell so good! 

It was super sticky to slice with the pizza cutter. The melted marshmallows and chocolate stayed quite hot up against pizza crust. Much longer than it would have in a regular s'more. 

I've been enjoying s'mores in the RV for the last few months and this pizza is a great representation of the classic campfire s'more. The pizza crust is a little sweeter than normal which pairs well with everything else. I would have added a few more graham crackers to increase the crunch, but overall it was wonderful. 

Ian loved it. 

Theresa said it was the best dessert pizza that I've made so far. Even better than the cinnamon roll pizza, apple pie pizza, and cereal pizzas

Aubrey - Uncle Joe this pizza gets a 10/10. 
Rita, Ethan, and Alli loved it too. I'm glad to hear that it was received so well! 

Even with all the other pizzas we've had, this is all the S'mores pizza we had left. 
I'm excited to see what we can come up with next week!

Here's the state themed pizzas I've made so far. 
North Carolina - North Carolina BBQ Pizza
Pennsylvania - Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

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  1. WOW...YUMMMMMMMMMMMMY!...the experimental graham cracker pizza crust (turns out wonderful the 1st time, too), the plentiful Hershey's chocolate (yay, chocolate!), and the beautifully toasted marshmallows make for one GREAT S'mores pizza!!! Now that's a dessert pizza if I ever saw one. Irresistible pizza creation! P.S. Nice to know Ian doesn't "like" pepperoni pizza (lol) EOM