Monday, April 19, 2021

Pizza at Home - Cinnamon Roll Pizza

Pizza Time! This one is a little different than our normal pizzas we usually make on Sunday. It's a dessert pizza! I've made a few different dessert pizzas already with the Chocolate pizza, the PB&J pizza, and the Peanut Butter/Banana/Honey pizza

Today I'm making a mini Cinnamon Roll pizza! Let's get started!

While we were out on a bike ride with the kids, we saw a Cinnabon food truck in a parking lot. About 10 seconds later, Theresa told me that I should make some cinnamon rolls, so, the next morning, what was waiting for her? 

Some delicious homemade cinnamon rolls with a lot of cream cheese frosting. Mmm. Breakfast is always better with some sweet cinnamon rolls. 

But, unknown the her, I actually made an extra half recipe. My idea is a pizza with lots of little mini cinnamon rolls! And because this is a pizza and not just pull-apart bread, I made sure to give it one solid base. Normally the filling from cinnamon rolls leaks out into the baking pan. This base will hopefully keep all the filling with the rolls and not all over my pan. 

It was a challenge to cut all these little cinnamon rolls disks so thin, but I did it. Dental floss was a handy tool to have. 

Instead of doing a quick rise at warm temperatures, this pan went into a chilled area to slowly rise. They don't look all that different than the picture above. 

The secret ingredient for these cinnamon rolls is to spoon warm cream over the risen rolls right before baking. 

After 18 minutes in a 375F oven, these are looking delicious! The smell that comes from the oven when they are baking is so good! The smell of fresh bread and warm cinnamon and brown sugar fills the kitchen and filters through to the rest of the house. 

A quick drizzle with our cream cheese frosting and this pizza is ready to eat! 

Yum! Everyone was excited to dig in. 

This is a pizza, so I do need my pizza wheel to cut everyone a slice. 

Looks like a slice of dessert pizza to me!

And my bottom crust has held up perfectly! There's no leaking filling! 

Alli is licking her lips in anticipation. 

Yep, you can pick it up just like a normal slice of pizza. 

Big thumbs up from everyone. Theresa said this is the best dessert pizza that I have ever made. I'm going to agree. This cinnamon roll pizza is awesome!


  1. Ooooooooooooooooooooooh...that Cinnamon Roll Dessert Pizza looks soooooooooo good, and smells incredibly delicious!!!...think I'd anticipate the taste just like Alli :-) What a delicious idea! That was very sweet (no pun intended) to surprise Theresa with fresh, homemade cinnamon rolls the VERY NEXT morning of her suggestion! Dental floss is certainly handy in the kitchen for various tasks. Cute expressions on Alli & Ian in the closing photo! EOM

    1. Ha, it's another one of her not-so-subtle suggestions. It's been a while since I'd had a really good cinnamon roll, so I was looking forward to them too. And to have the pizza come out so well was really great! Even better than I would have imagined it.