Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Hershey's Milk Shakes

While we were walking around the Dollar Tree, Ian excitedly directed my attention to a new taste test that he found. Hershey's Milk Shake drinks! And there's 3 different flavors!

Today we'll be trying the Strawberry, Creamy Chocolate, and Cookies'n'Creme flavors. 

I was curious if this was a complete taste test or not. I do like to be complete when I do these things, sometimes to my detriment (looking at you 53 Reese's). From what I can find on the Hershey website and other places, these three are the only Milk Shake flavors available right now. There's regular milk and chocolate milk, but those aren't milk shakes. I was curious as to why there wasn't a vanilla flavored milk shake. I saw that there used to be one, but it has been swapped with this Cookies'n'Creme version.  

I'm really curious what was going to be "milk shake" about these non-frozen beverages. Looks like the Hershey's Milk Shake is made with Reduced Fat Milk while the Hershey's Chocolate Milk is made with Low Fat Milk. Both are made with Cellulose Gel and Cellulose Gum for thickening. The Milk Shake has 330 calories (51g sugar), while the Chocolate Milk has 270 calories (44g sugar). 

The tops are sealed with the plastic, plus a foil lid. 

Time to start tasting them! We're going to start with the Hershey's Creamy Chocolate Milk Shake. 

How'd they do on texture? Is it milk shake thick? No, not at all. This is the same thickness as milk as best I can tell. 
But now what about taste? You've had homemade chocolate milk shakes where you don't squeeze enough syrup into it and the milk shake tastes weak. This was definitely not that. The Hershey's flavor was super strong! Is that a good thing? For the kids - no. 
Alli - It has a dark flavor, and I don't really like dark flavors. 
Ian was the same. 

Next we'll be trying the Cookies'n'Creme Milk Shake. 

I wasn't quite sure what the color would be of this one. I was thinking more white or cream colored. Maybe even with "bits" in it. There's none of that here. It's a lighter brown than the regular chocolate shake. And then for taste, it's also a lighter chocolate flavor than the Creamy Chocolate milk shake. 

Our final milk shake today is the Strawberry flavored Milk Shake. 

Ian - It tastes like artificial strawberry? 
Me - And artificial strawberry tastes delicious? 
Ian - Yes!
Alli - Strawberry is great!

Time to make our picks. 
The kids both agreed that Strawberry is the clear winner. I'm with them. Strawberry wins the day!
Our choices for last place differed. Neither of them liked the "dark" flavor of the creamy chocolate milk shake. Creamy Chocolate was their least favorite. I thought the Cookies'n'Creme was weak by comparison and deserved to be in last place. 
This was a fun find Ian! Good job!


  1. Milk shake in a bottle just won't do...need to have the real, homemade version :-) I thought the Creamy Chocolate would be good, but sounds like a dud. At least the Strawberry one saved the day! Fun taste test, Ian! EOM

    1. Agreed, it's not just about the flavor with a milkshake. It needs to be frozen and thick. Otherwise it's just chocolate milk.