Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Pizza at Home - Carrot Pizza for Easter

This week we did not just one, not two, but three pizzas! We had Easter Egg pizzas and also a pizza with an actual egg on it! 

I still had more ideas for Easter and there was one more pizza I wanted to try. A Carrot Pizza! And since I'm making thin crust pizza with colors, I can shape it like a giant carrot. 

So, a carrot puree topping. Not something I'm particularly familiar with, so I'm going to loosely base it on this recipe. It starts with a peeled carrot and a red onion. 

That cooks in oil until things start to soften. 

Then I added a bit of cooking wine and some water to further soften it. 

To make it creamy I added a bit of ricotta and pulsed everything in a food processor. I added salt, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and a little sugar.  

I'm using thin crust pizza dough along with some of that same dough I dyed green. 

I love how the color stayed bright and orange the whole time. 

Even after baking it. 

I like how I could trim the large carrot to be a tiny carrot. 
But what about the taste? It was very good! You could taste the carrot along with a little heat from the cayenne. 

Chi, Richard, and Theresa all tried it and thought it was surprisingly tasty too!
I had thoughts for a 4th dessert pizza, but we'll just have to save it for another time. 


  1. That was a real vegetarian pizza in shape and ingredients!...colorful and mistaking what that vegetable was, either...what a super creative idea for an Easter pizza...LIKE! EOM

    1. I guess it was vegetarian, wasn't it. I didn't even consider that. I was surprised by how much I actually liked the pizza. I was going for looks, but it tasted great too!