Thursday, April 15, 2021

Sour Patch Kids Freezer Pops

There's something new from the Sour Patch Kids! We have already tried quite a few things from those guys. Like Sour Patch Kids Ice Pops, Ice Cream, Sour Patch Kids Cereal, Marshmallows, Yogurt, Sour Patch Kids Chips Ahoy Cookies, and Sour Patch Kids Watermelon Ice Pops

Today, the people who bring us Fla-Vor-Ice are bringing us Sour Patch Kids Freezer Bars! 

There's 5 classic Sour Patch Kids flavors, but Fla-Vor-Ice has decided to pick the two most memorable flavors. Both Redberry and Blue Raspberry. 

Looks like they did a pretty good job on getting the color right. 

We've seen some interesting serving sizes on some of these frozen treats. Like the Froot Loops Ice Pops where 3 pops was a serving size. This is a new one to me though. 10 Freezer Bars, the entire container, is a serving size. Who is making these up?
Each of these freezer bars is pretty tiny though, coming in at only 1 ounce each. Most other freezer bars, like Otter Pops, are between 1.5 - 2.0 ounces each. 

Let's give them a taste! 

Blue Raspberry - This is not exactly your typical Blue Raspberry. This is the Sour Patch Kids version of Blue Raspberry, and this freezer bar tastes just like it! Yum!
Redberry - The classic Sour Patch Kids flavor, and the freezer bar has done a wonderful job of replicating it too. 

The collaboration between the Sour Patch Kids and Fla-Vor-Ice was a success! They were great at matching the flavors! We're a fan! Keep on coming up with new stuff! We'll keep an eye out!


  1. Wow...a freezer pop's flavor that actually matches what it's suppose to imitate!...kudos to Fla-Vor-Ice. But 10 pops for one serving???...hmmmm, seems a bit much (or a subtle way to get the consumer to buy more boxes :-) ) EOM

    1. Totally! I'm happy they got it right! After 10 pops, my mouth would be frozen!