Friday, June 5, 2020

Chips Ahoy Sour Patch Kids cookies

Today there's an interesting one. When I think about product mashups, Chip Ahoy Cookies and Sour Patch Kids is not one that comes to mind. But on a recent weekly shopping trip to Walmart, the bright yellow packaging stood out. Because we try just about everything the Sour Patch Kids put out, I grabbed a bag to bring home to the kids.

And we'll be trying them along with the Sour Patch Kids Candy. The tagline for this product is Sour. Sweet. Gone.

The back of the bag says it's Inspired By The Sour Then Sweet Taste You Love. Interesting. I see the 4 out of the 5 colors represented here. Green, Red, Blue and Orange. No Yellow though.

Taking a closer look at the cookies, the chips are green and red, while the gummy pieces are all orange and blue.

When I said we're doing a taste test tonight, Ian knew exactly what he wanted to do. He ran off to my stash of things to eventually try and ran back with the Chips Ahoy Sour Patch Kids.
He also wanted to become a Blue Sour Patch Kid. He changed into all blue clothing and then made his own Sour Patch Kids Blue mask.

Alli is a Special Edition Pink Sour Patch Kid. You guys both look great. Ian did say he couldn't see too well out of that mask. How are you holding that on anyway?

Tape. Nice.

Let's give them a try!

They smell like... lemon maybe? Something citrus. We'll call that the missing fifth flavor.

And eating them. They're different... Not quite a lemon, but a little sour. And those chewy pieces are getting stuck in my teeth.
Ian said the gummy and crunchy gives it a good texture.

And the candy? The candy is always good. Alli's favorite being the red, with Ian's being the blue.

Flipping a cookie over, I was curious to dissect it a little bit.

They're Chips Ahoy so I was thinking the chips might be some form of chocolate. These chips though are definitely not chocolate. Very soft and they melt as soon as you put them in your mouth. Reading the ingredients I'm guessing it's some mixture of sugar and palm oil. I didn't taste any flavor to the chips.

Alli - Take a picture now that the cookie looks like the picture.

Nice job Alli.
The cookies were a little weird and out of all the Sour Patch Kids things we've tried, these are going to be on the bottom of the list.


  1. Chips Ahoy + Sour Patch...unexpected combination...and the results seem to reflect that. No real chocolate chips???...gee, they even disappointed with the expected parts of the cookie! At least the kids enjoyed the candy. Now you have your very own special Pink Sour Patch kid and the Blue Sour Patch kid in the household :-)...that was fun for them to dress up as those characters. EOM

    1. I thought it was super cute when Ian ran off to make a mask for himself. And Alli figured out a story so that she could be her favorite color character too. Love the creativity!