Thursday, June 11, 2020

National Corn on the Cob Day - June 11th

Today is National Corn on the Cob day! We happened to find corn that was 4 for $1 at Walmart on our last shopping trip, so it was the perfect opportunity to grab a few ears.

The corn was great to go with our BBQ Chicken sliders and fresh watermelon.

What kind of corn on the cob eater are you? The old-fashioned typewriter, going row by row? Rolling pin, like me, where you spin the cob and eat as you go? Rabid squirrel where you're all over the place? Or something else?
Happy Corn on the Cob day!


  1. Corn always tastes better on the cob, but messier than the loose kernels! The sweet white corn versions are especially delicious (well, at least that one time I had it; usually it's the yellow corn I see). Like the combination of watermelon and bbq chicken to round out the meal...just so "country-homey" and delicious. Depending on my mood, may eat like a "typewriter" while other times it's a "rolling pin". P.S. "Typewriter" was a good word selection, but I'm sure that may be a foreign object to many people today :-) EOM

    1. I agree. Corn is always better on the cob. When it's fresh and sweet, you don't even need butter. It was a very Country-style meal, wasn't it.