Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Lemon Bundt Cake

Theresa has Chocolate and Red Velvet Bundt cakes already. This time we're venturing into lemon bundt cake, my personal favorite flavor!

Alli, do you want to help make something in the kitchen?
<Alli sprinting into the kitchen>
Alli - I want to help!
Using a Lemon Cake Nothing Bundt Cake copycat recipe from they're using lemon cake mix, lemon pudding, lemon juice, sour cream, and other cake ingredients. 

Alli is getting better and better at carefully adding ingredients and not spilling anything.

Time to mix! Lesson for next time, don't mix on a quick speed. We're not trying to build up much gluten in the mix. It really just needs everything incorporated together. Don't over-mix!

Alli this is your job this time. She grabbed a hunk of shortening and greased up the inside of the bundt pan. We also dusted the insides with sugar this time, to hopefully give the outsides a crunchy sweet crust.

Coming out of the oven, it was super fluffy!

And then started to deflate. What happened?!? The recipe called for mixing for 2 minutes. We mixed it, but on high, which after some research by Theresa later said leads to too much gluten.

Alli, that's a great shirt to be wearing to eat that lemon bundt cake with. I love the yellow shirt choice today; it's a beautiful summer shirt.

And I was on the couch when Alli came and delivered a piece for me. Alli this is massive with lots of frosting! I love it!
And after tasting it, I love the taste too! The sugar did indeed make a nicely textured crust.


  1. Despite the "deflated" look, it still looked pretty...what a lemony, yummy dessert!! Greasing a bundt pan is tricky with all those crevices...Alli did a great job as evidenced by the cake's appearance from the pan. Alli is following the "Practice makes perfect" adage, especially in the kitchen...she's gaining more confidence in all these baking sessions (which should carry over to all her other endeavors outside the kitchen, too!) That was a great idea on dusting with sugar to achieve that sweet, crunchy texture...never heard of that little trick. EOM

    1. I'm happy Theresa keeps trying out new recipes on us. We'll taste any cake she makes.
      They also freeze really well too. She'll make a cake, cut it into quarters and freeze 3 of them. In the days that follow, as long as you give it a few hours in the fridge, it's just as good as day 1. Doing that, we'll be able to build up a variety of flavors, just like when we'd get 4 flavors from Nothing Bundt Cakes.