Monday, June 22, 2020

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day! I'm very fortunate to have two amazing kids. They've got a special day planned out for me.

They started the day by waking me up, bringing me breakfast in bed (which in my case, breakfast is just coffee) and two Fathers Day cards they worked on. They said that today, I could pick everything we do.

Mommy enlisted their help in making one of the desserts we're having tonight. Knowing I like pie more than cake, she's making me a key lime pie! Ian helped make the filling and now he's measuring out some graham crackers.

And Alli is pulsing them into crumbs.

Mix it with butter and we've got a tasty graham cracker pie crust.

Bake it up!

And because Theresa's dad loves Angel Food Cake the most, Alli and Theresa made one of those as well. They were watching it in the oven and it kept rising and rising, coming up over 2" above the lip of the bundt pan. Thankfully it didn't overflow and it stayed super fluffy, even after cooling down.

Ian - What do you want to do next Dad?
I think I want to go watch the Disney Family Sing-Along Part 2, all four of us.
The kids ran off to the living room to set up a place for us to watch it together. I got a "throne" along with a plate of snack.

And it wasn't long before I had someone in my lap to sing along with. That Disney sing-along was fantastic! So many talented people, but my favorites were the Hercules Zero to Hero and the Mary Poppins Step in Time number was so creative! I loved it!

When Ryan Seacrest said to "cast a few of your favorite stuff animals as the background chorus" the kids ran and grabbed their Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps stuffed animals. The kids' favorite song of the night was Katie Perry's Baby Mine, but that's because Katie dressed up in an elephant costume as Mrs. Jumbo and dressed her poodle in a baby Dumbo costume. They thought it was hilarious.

I love our family bike rides, so I picked that next.

And it's a warm sunny day here. Why not spend it in the front yard. Theresa's mom made steamed mandu for lunch. Yum!

I love the digital picture frames we have. Such fun memories.

For dinner, oh yeah, you know what I like. Ribs!

And to go with those ribs, corn muffins and corn on the cob.

That's exactly the kind of plate I was wanting for Fathers Day.

I have been using the same rib recipe from ever since I got it from my neighbors a few years back. These ribs are super tender and they fall right off the bone.

The corn muffins can get a little crumbly. Nice job cleaning up kids.

Time for dessert! For our Angel Food Cake, Theresa cut up some strawberries and made some fresh whipped cream.

Yum! Thanks for the tasty desserts everyone!

The kids especially loved the Angel Food Cake, asking for seconds.

Wow, they're getting so big. I'm treasuring these times.
After jumping together on the trampoline and then doing baths, we watched a movie. Incredibles 2!

And like every night, gather and read books together as a family. Once we got through their books, the kids wanted to hear another Daddy story, so I told them all about Ruston and I and our first year at the Pasadena Chalk Festival.

It was a great Fathers Day as a family.


  1. Happy Father's Day!! What a special way to spend it with the family...You got to be "boss for the day", choosing all the fun things to do together. Desserts look delicious (Angel Food cake looked extra puffy & light, too)...whoa, look at those ribs with the sauce (mouth watering!!!) Having the digital picture frame in the kitchen must be a very nice "family presence" reminder when the kids aren't there in person...Ian & Alli are growing up fast...continue to treasure those moments! You and Theresa are truly blessed with Ian & Alli! EOM

    1. Thank you! It was a good day, and I do try to treasure them all. That's one of the reasons for the blog. Saving all those good memories to relive later.