Saturday, June 20, 2020

Saturday Morning Cereals - Quaker Squares Brown Sugar Cereal

Digging into my random cereal pile, I find I've got these Quaker Oatmeal Squares and that they're Brown Sugar flavored. Quaker is known for Oatmeal, so if we're going to try it with something, I figure it should be instant oatmeal.

And since I'm trying to keep the flavors the same, I was on a mission to find the Brown Sugar instant oatmeal. The easy one to find it Maple and Brown Sugar, but since this cereal doesn't boast any maple flavoring, I've got to find something else.
Lucky for me, Quaker makes a kids Dinosaur Egg oatmeal that is flavored with only Brown Sugar.

I think the kids will like the dinosaur oatmeal too. There's an Oatasaurus on the back of the box.

As far as the cereal goes, there's not a lot to it. No obvious sugar or frosting. I'm thinking this is not a kids cereal.

Over to the oatmeal. The packages have dinosaur jokes on them.

And once you dump it into a bowl, you can find all those dinosaur eggs.

Let's dig in. Literally. The box suggests that a fork is best for finding dinosaurs.

In the bowl that I took pictures of, the kids snagged the eggs. I got a glass of hot water and they tossed the eggs in, waiting for them to dissolve.

And we waited.

And waited some more. These eggs are not giving up their contents quickly. Looking at the ingredients, I see there's carnauba wax in the eggs, which I'm guessing is on the outside for a water-resistant barrier.

Having done enough waiting and still not seeing any results, they resorted to grabbing a couple new eggs and biting them in half.

They're pretty happy with themselves. Especially when they learn that the eggs are made out of sugar.

Inside are these tiny colorful dinosaurs.

The oatmeal was just okay. Not very sweet at all. I think even the adult Maple and Brown Sugar one tastes sweeter to me. The cereal wasn't very sweet either, but both kids preferred it to the oatmeal. Ian crunched his cereal dry, while Alli and I liked it with milk. It seemed to hold up to the milk, staying crunchy and not going soggy for a pretty good while.

Seriously? 10 minutes later and these don't look any different. Drastic measures must be taken.

I popped them into the microwave. The tiny amount of water reached a boil in less than 15 seconds. The outside started to come off.

It took a few rinses of very hot water before it was all finally dissolved. I think I can make out a stegosaurus and a tyrannosaurus.


  1. Alli's thumb says one thing while her expression says another :-) It was cute seeing dinosaur eggs and then the mysterious dinosaur inside has to use their imagination a bit to discern which dinosaur it is (i.e., If I didn't know they were suppose to be dinosaurs in the first place, I probably wouldn't have seen what you saw!) At least the cereal seem to be enjoyed by everyone. EOM

    1. I remembered the oatmeal being a lot tastier when I had them growing up. But it was something fun to try again and to introduce the kids to it.