Monday, June 22, 2020

2020 Pasadena Chalk Festival - Toy Story Time-lapse

Ever since Ruston and I started participating in the Pasadena Chalk Festival, I've enjoyed taking a time-lapse video of our progress. It's fun to see the day compressed into a short 2 minute video clip. This year though, there's a new challenge. Ruston and I are each doing half of a drawing, and doing it in two different locations. It's one thing to line up a couple pictures in Photoshop. It's something else entirely to line up two videos. But we're going to give it a go and see what happens.

Both of us used an iPhone app that Ruston found to do time-lapse photography. It's called Lapse It and I have to say, it was pretty easy to set everything up how I wanted and export the results.

And all these video skills are a new addition too! Before 2 weeks ago, I only had some basic skills to trim and join a few videos, maybe some text overlays and masking, but nothing that exciting. This was new territory for me. Thankfully I found a free video editing program called DaVinci Resolve 16 that had more than enough features to do the job. I was amazed that it's free!

In the end, our two videos were aligned enough that I only needed to twist mine and do a little zooming to get the edges close enough.
The end result was better than I could have hoped! Year number 6 for us is in the books!


  1. WOW, WOW, WONDERFUL!!! What a GREAT job editing together Ruston's and your videos into one with that DaVinci program (and kudos to Ruston for finding the time lapse app to start things off) Enjoyed watching the final video with the perfectly selected music. Another beautiful chalk art, Ruston and Joe...what buddies!!! EOM

    1. A bit more complicated this year, requiring me to learn some new skills, but it worked out! I suppose that's how we learn! Figure out something you want to do, then develop the skills to pull it off!