Saturday, June 13, 2020

Making Nothing Bundt Cake at Home!

For those special celebrations at home, there's one place we always go to for cakes. Nothing Bundt Cake is always good for a delicious moist cake with a tasty cream cheese frosting. We're celebrating something special today, so what better thing to try and make at home than our own Nothing Bundt Cake!

Theresa asked the kids which flavor cake they wanted. Confetti cake, white cake, or chocolate cake. Chocolate was the winner, so Theresa went online and found a recipe she liked from for Chocolate Chip Nothing Bundt Cake.

Theresa is busy mixing all the ingredients together.

While I have the super important job of making sure the cake doesn't stick to the side of the bundt pan. I grabbed the shortening and a ziplock bag. With my hand in the ziplock bag, I worked shortening into all the grooves of the pan. Next I dusted the entire insides with flour.

Time to add the batter.

Going into a 340F degree oven.

And coming out 45 minutes later.

Now for the moment of truth. Time to flip it over and see what sticks.

I see cake!

Ho-ho, that's a good looking cake!

Using her cream cheese frosting recipe and a taped up ziplock bag with the end snipped off, Theresa started the task of piping on all the icing.

Very pretty Theresa!

That's looks beautiful Theresa!

That looks like it could have come right out of the case from Nothing Bundt Cake.

Before the kids get a piece, Theresa made sure to add a little extra frosting.

Awesome! Good stuff. They loved it.

And I like just a little extra frosting too. The cake turned out really moist.

And between the 4 adults and 2 kids, we managed to get through a third of it. Theresa saw instructions on how to successfully freeze it, so now we'll have cake available whenever we want!
Next, the kids want to see Theresa make a Red Velvet cake with chocolate chips!


  1. Nice, pretty creation, Theresa...very steady hands to so evenly do all those frosting lines! Chocolate was a great first choice (that would have been my choice, too :-)...yum, yum) Greasing & flouring the bundt pan completely (especially with all those creases) is so critical to its final shape (speaking from experience when I didn't always do a complete job!) kudos for that, too. The cake sign with its curvy border turned out very nice. EOM

    1. The Nothing Bundt cakes had been such a part of any birthday celebrations we've had. Now that Theresa is getting so good at making them at home, I really doubt we'll be getting it again. They've turned out really delicious!