Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Making Wienerschnitzel at Home!

It's time for another Made at Home meal. Nothing too crazy. Tonight we're doing Wienerschnitzel for dinner and Tastee-Freez for dessert.

The kids made some things to prepare for it. Alli drew a picture of the building for us. "WENRSNITSL". I love it Alli.

Ian made us W vests for Wienerschnitzel. Together we made the classic roofline of the building. Instead of having the kids go through who knows how many markers coloring it red, I promised that I could do something in photoshop later. Just a quick job, nothing fancy.

As far as paperware, I made a few checkerboard placemats, a french fry holder, and a couple corn dog bags.

Not a bad job I'd say. It's got the fold on the bottom and even the triangle cuts on the top.

Besides making chili, there wasn't a whole lot else to do. I do need to make toppings, including grilled diced onions and grilled onion strips.

Smile kids! We've got a lot here we're recreating.

There's the classic Mustard Dog, a Chili Cheese Dog, a Bacon Street Dog, Junkyard Dog, Deluxe Dog, a Corn Dog, French Fries, and Tastee-Freez shakes.

There's not a lot to the Mustard Dog. Nice and simple.
I told the kids we could make 5 total hot dogs, and Alli chose the Deluxe Dog. This Deluxe Dog has tomato, fresh onion, and a pickle spear.

On to the other ones. The french fries were pretty good. The Chili Cheese Dog is a slice of American cheese and chili.

The Junkyard Dog says it has everything but the kitchen sink. Actually it's just American cheese, chili, grilled onions, mustard, and french fries.

And then there's the Bacon Street Dog. Grilled onions, bacon, mayo, mustard, and ketchup.

The corn dogs just needed to be heated up and placed in one of the bags I made. They look great!

And for dessert, Wienerschnitzel has partnered with Tastee-Freez. Tastee-Freez makes a bunch of things, but the one we're going to recreate are the Tastee Shakes.

The picture shows they come in 3 different flavors, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, and so that's what we're making today. I started by making a classic vanilla shake then saved two cups worth. With one I added Hershey's syrup to make a chocolate shake. And for the strawberry I added frozen strawberries to the vanilla base. For Alli and I the strawberry was the best. Ian preferred vanilla.

But everyone got to taste a bit of everything.

Let's dig in!

Those grilled onions makes these dogs delicious!

The kids think the corn dogs are the best thing here. They are super simple to make. Ian liked dipping his in chili.

Alli loved the corn dogs too.

And after all that talk about wanting the Deluxe Dog, all she really wanted out of it was the pickle.

Guess that's one more for me then. Deluxe Dog, no pickle, but add Chili.


Thanks for all the decorations guys! I'd say Wienerschnitzel at Home was a success!


  1. Another fun "at home" creation!...quite a variety of ways to serve the classic hot dog. As always, I like the paper goods (especially the checkerboard place mats and the corn dog bags w/ that fancy edging; the yellow coloring on the french fries holder matched very well) Would have been a nightmare trying to color that red roofline with markers...good thing for photoshop! Grilled onions smell good and are a nice addition to different foods. "Really just wanted the pickle" :-) :-) EOM

    1. Very thankful for photoshop to be able to do little things like that.
      Oh Alli. Sometimes you just have to ask the right questions.