Tuesday, June 23, 2020

National Onion Rings Day - June 22nd

Today is National Onion Rings Day! Theresa has the national days calendar on her phone keeps an eye out for good ones coming up. So when she saw that it was National Onion Ring day, we planned hamburgers for dinner and onion rings as the side.

Despite loving onion rings, I've never actually made homemade onion rings from scratch. The frozen kind, sure, but never start to finish. Theresa found a very well reviewed recipe on It has 5 stars with nearly 2000 reviews! The batter is very simple to make.

While she's doing that, I grabbed a single large onion and started slicing.

With the batter sufficiently mixed, it needs to sit for 10 minutes.

The onion rings are ready to go, and the temperature of the oil is a little over the required 380F.

It's time to fry.

Golden brown and delicious.

The single onion cut into thirds made a giant plate full of onion rings.

Ian got the biggest onion ring on the plate. Pretty bold opening move.

It's a success! Alli liked them too. Ian said to save that recipe.
And despite not having hamburger buns and just using bread, and then only salt and pepper for the meat, Ian thought the burgers are the best we've made at home. He wants me to remember that recipe too.

The onion rings turned out really really good. The batter was very crunchy. Even the ones that were left on the plate 20 minutes after cooking still have a very good crunch to them.

I love a good onion ring, and these are some of the best I've had.

Richard and Chi agreed. Chi told us to same that tempura recipe because it would be really tasty with other things too.

Theresa had planned to have just one...

But then this is the text that she sent her sister.

I was really glad we decided to celebrate today. These are even better than frozen french fries to have with meals. I'm guessing these will be on our menu frequently. It's great to try new things!


  1. That was a HUGE onion ring in Ian's hands! Tasty and crunchy even after some time...looks like another winning recipe...great find, Theresa! You know that old commercial line, "Nobody can eat just one!" other words, Theresa shouldn't feel too guilty :-) Looks like Ian's palate can easily be satisfied with just the simplest of ingredients...don't forget that burger recipe :-) I remember growing up eating hamburgers between 2 slices of wasn't until much later the buns were introduced into the household. EOM

    1. So huge! I'm glad we found this recipe. It's going to come in handy in the future! And yes, I also remember eating hamburgers between slices of bread growing up. Different but still good.