Friday, June 19, 2020

Celebrating the kids' half birthdays - Making Olive Garden at Home Part 2

Sometimes it can be hard having a birthday right around the holidays. That's the case with Ian and Alli. So something Theresa and I have been talking about for a little while was doing a half birthday celebration for them. When they woke up, we gave them the news.

The day was great, just hanging out and doing things together. Like bike rides.

Yum! Fruit skewers!

After a fun day of doing things together, we've got to plan dinner.
On their regular birthdays, Olive Garden is their favorite place to eat. So in that same spirit, we're making Olive Garden at Home - Part 2!
We've got to have Alli's favorite soup!

And the last time we used frozen breadsticks to go with our meal. This time we're making them from scratch.

Not quite like Olive Garden, but they're still going to be delicious.

Everything else is getting cooked.

Those breadsticks came out looking pretty tasty!

And because we've already done Olive Garden at Home once, this is Olive Garden at Home Part 2!

Just like before, the alfredo sauce was super delicious. Theresa made a double batch this time so we could enjoy leftovers.

Both kids loved the fettuccini alfredo.

Ten thumbs up from Alli.

Working on getting that very last noodle.

Still working on it.

Got it!

The pasta was so good both kids wanted seconds.

For their drink, the kids remembered when we did Sonic at Home that we made Cherry Lime-ades. They wanted those again and since it's their birthday, why not.

The adults loved the Mint Juleps from Mint Julep day, so we used the mint from the front yard to make more.

For the cake, Theresa made a Nothing Bundt Cake. Delicious!

Four and a half candles for Alli.

Six and a half candles for Ian.

Blow them out together guys!

Present time! A little while ago, Uncle Jacob stopped by with a quarantine present.

Social distancing!

But thanks for the yummy cookies and the Quarantine tin.

When we told them this morning about their special celebration today, they ran off and started making gifts for each other.

Alli said this was a ship she made for Ian.

And you could put stuffed animals in it. They also ran off and made each other cards.

So adorable.

We happened to have a few packages from friends and family with special things for the kids. From Gram and Pop Pop they got books and a new toy.

Some friends from Arizona with a little bit older kids were cleaning out their home library and sent the kids a big pile of books.

Alli was thrilled to get some level A and level B Disney Princess books.

Ian has loved this Ripley's Believe It Or Not book for kids. It's only been a couple days and he's already on page 112. And he read all 4 of the Princess Black books to Alli in 1 day!

Inside this R2-D2 case were some Star Wars readers.

Ian made Alli this game. Inside the box is a little pebble and the game is to slide the cardboard ring around and try to get it around the pebble.

Alli used the tin Uncle Jacob's cookies came in for wrapping.

And made Ian a special crown.

One last present. Knowing how much Alli likes socks, Ian found a pair of his Toy Story Woody socks and gave them to her.

Time for presents from Mommy and Daddy.

When Alli uses her iPad, she's supposed to use headphones, but the ones she has squish her ears. These ones will fit over her ears so she'll be more likely to use them.

And for Ian?

At first he thought it was a kick-stand for his bike. But he's outgrowing his old bike, plus this one has gears, which will work better for all those bike rides we've been going on.

One other big difference. The brakes. No longer will it brake when he pushes backwards on the peddles. Now it's handbrakes.

Which will take a little getting used to. The fence helped stop him the first time.

After dinner, dessert, and presents, we all enjoyed one more bike ride to finish out our night, and by the end, Ian had gotten used to all the new features of his bike. He was dialing the gearing up and down all the time, mostly for the novelty of it.

Happy Half Birthday Kids!


  1. What a celebration...Happy Half Birthday, Ian & Alli!! You two had a very special day. Those fruit skewers and dessert cake looked delicious, along with the Fettuccini Alfredo...such delicious food treats. I was wondering if one of the kids would twirl their noodles around the fork, then lo and behold you caught a picture of Alli doing just that :-) Ian just added a Fettucini Alfredo smile to his other "food smiles" :-) Those homemade cookies from Jacob looked quite yummy, too...looks like he enjoys baking...what a wonderful, thoughtful gift to bring over. Heartfelt homemade cards and gifts to each other!! Great capture of Alli's expression when she saw the "Princess" books...priceless! EOM

    1. Thanks! They love reading Daddy's stories and the see all the comments too.