Monday, June 29, 2020

Oreo Good Humor Bars

Today we're tasting a new Oreo creation. It's an Oreo Good Humor Ice Cream Bar!

They did a great job with the packaging. It's bright blue just like the original Oreos.

Today we can enjoy the Good Humor treats from the comfort of our own home!

When I removed the ice cream bar for this picture, I was a little confused. Is this chocolate ice cream? There looks to be a chocolate layer on the outside for the Oreo pieces to stick onto.

But Alli took a bite and confirmed that it's white ice cream inside. The ice cream is very light and airy. My freezer gets down to -10F, but this ice cream was still pretty easy to bite through.

What do you think kids?
It's getting a big thumbs up from both of them. In fact, Ian says that it's way better than an Oreo cookie. He's also unsure about how milk could have a favorite cookie, after reading the tagline on the package "Milk's favorite cookie".

Grandpa came over and enjoyed an ice cream bar too. He thought it was pretty good.

Am I detecting more Oreo bits in here? Yes indeed. It seems like there's crushed up cookies inside, because I'm tasting some of the Oreo creme filling too.

I thought the Oreo Good Humor bars were tasty, though there could have been some improvements. The ice cream is a bit airy, which you can probably see from the photo above. I would have liked to have crunchy cookie bits instead of the softer bits, but I don't know how they would do that either.
Theresa likened them to an Ice Cream Sandwich. Soft cookie outside with soft ice cream inside.

Always thinking about combining things, she's solved the problem of not having a crunchy cookie.

And when the ice cream is all gone, she's making her own Oreo Cookie popsicle. Just two cookies together and a popsicle stick between them.

It's always fun tasting something new from Oreo!


  1. Ian isn't the only one with food smiles...Alli is showing off her Oreo Ice Cream bar smile :-) Since I like Cookies n' Cream ice cream, it looks like those bars would be VERY delicious!!...Ian & Alli definitely agree on its great taste! Ice cream sandwiches are yummy in my book, too :-) Wonder if Alli tried to bite into both oreo cookies at once! I remember those ice cream trucks growing up, and waiting for the truck's tell-tale music while hoping Mom would get us something from it. EOM

    1. These were a tasty treat. We also get the occasional ice cream truck, but I don't think the kids have ever had anything from one. Too many tasty treats in our freezer.