Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Utz Factory Outlet Store - 2021/08/23

After having just gone on the Utz Factory Tour, we were all excited to head over a few blocks to the Utz Outlet Store. In the Utz Factory, they showed a whole bunch of different products they make, and we want to buy them! 

I parked the truck and we all headed inside. 

It's like the grocery store chip aisle exploded in here! 

We just saw these chips being made and these variety packs being assembled. 

Utz, and the other brands they own, have a lot of varieties!

Oh yes, here's what we're looking for. Inside this room there's lots of discounted products! 

Oh my, that's is one happy kid. And that's a giant barrel of Cheese Balls. These Orange Cheese Balls are Ian's favorite. Utz Cheese Balls weren't common where we shopped in California, and he only got them around Valentines when they came out in tiny multipacks to give to classmates. Now he's got almost a pound and a half of them! This giant tub of his favorite Cheese Balls is only $2!

That is a lot of pretzel sticks. If I liked them more, that would be a deal. 

Snack bags of these chips work out to about 26 cents each. 

Aww, look at that cute little Utz girl. And she's holding a big tub of cheese balls!

There were quite a few different flavors of chips, including a "Crab Chip" that I thought looked interesting. But I'm going to be buying a bag of Carolina Style Barbeque (I wonder why they are using that spelling versus the more standard barbecue). I wonder how it would compare to the homemade Carolina BBQ I made for my Carolina BBQ Pizza.    

Taking everything up to the counter, we certainly found a lot of tasty things. We paid for the items on the left, then the worker grabbed those four items on the bottom right (2nd bag of Daisies, 2 Poppables Cheese Balls, and a bag of Cheese Curls) and tossed them in the bag for free! Awesome! We love free snacks!

And all total, with this coupon we got from the Factory Tour, everything in the picture above was only $8.40!

Theresa was wondering where we're going to find room for everything in the RV. I'm not sure that's going to be a problem. On the drive home, the kids and the grandparents were snacking in the backseat. As I'm writing this, it's been 48 hours since we got that giant tub of cheeseballs and there's only about 1/3 of the container left! 
We loved visiting the Utz Factory Outlet Store!

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  1. Oh my!..."Grocery chip aisle exploded here!"...that phrase describes it perfectly! Must have felt like walking into a big candy store but instead of candy there are shelves of different much to see and like. Always like the discount section, too :-)...lots of yummy finds (those Daisies look interesting) for the family and at a great price (Ian's eyes must have grown huge when he saw that big tub of Cheese Balls!)...very nice of the cashier to throw in some freebies (little bit of pixie dust :-)) That was a great "snack" way to end the day after the Chip Trip! EOM