Friday, September 24, 2021

Utz Daisies - Chocolate Covered Pretzels

After visiting the Utz Factory and the Factory Outlet Store, I knew we'd likely come away with a few things to do a taste test with. 

Today we're going to be tasting the Utz Daisies. They are pretzels that have been covered in something tasty. 
They may be tasty, but they aren't healthy! That photo above has the contents of these two bags. There's 1680 calories on that plate right there! The recommended serving size is 4 pretzels and 6 pretzels respectively. 

Let's give them a taste! 

Utz is celebrating their 100th anniversary and as a result they've got birthday cake flavored treats for the occassion. And that's where we're going to start with our taste test. The Utz Daisies Birthday Cake Covered Pretzels. 

I think in this instance, the actual product looks better than the picture on the package. They did a good job of getting the sprinkles all over it. 

And our other flavor is Daisies Chocolate Flavored Covered Pretzels. 

These pretzels weren't as good at matching the packaging. It's a little rough having been beaten up in the packaging. They are a bit stuck together. 

Ian, how are you dealing with that? 
Ah, don't even worry about breaking them apart and eat three of them stacked on top of each other. 

The Birthday Cake Covered Pretzels were pretty tasty. The white coating tastes like frosting instead of white chocolate, which is a good thing. It's sweet and salty and I love things like that.

The Chocolate Flavored Covered Pretzels did have a chocolate flavored, but it was super sweet. Not a dark chocolate flavor, but one of those chocolate milk sweet flavors. If I were to compare it to a chocolate, I'd say maybe like the Palmer Chocolate you get at Easter. 
In the end, we all found something we liked. Theresa, Chi, and I liked the Birthday Cake flavored pretzels, while Richard and the kids liked the Chocolate pretzels. 

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  1. Looks like Grandpa and the kids liked the sweeter chocolate touch while the others liked the milder sweetness of the Birthday Cake ones. I was afraid the Birthday Cake Pretzels were going to taste as "good" as the Birthday Cheese Balls...happy to see the pretzel version was much more enjoyable :-) Ian must have strong teeth to bite through 3 Chocolate Daisies at once! Another tasty, sweet taste test! EOM