Saturday, August 5, 2023

Saturday Morning Cereals - French Toast Frosted Flakes taste test comparison

We love all sorts of cereals, but Frosted Flakes is a favorite. We've tried lots of different flavors including Strawberry Milkshake, Chocolate with marshmallows, Cinnamon, Banana Creme, Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, Honey Nut, Regular Frosted Flakes, and Frosted Flakes with marshmallows

Today we get to try Cinnamon French Toast Frosted Flakes. 

And lucky us, we're in Washington and Jess knows a great recipe for French Toast! Perfect!

The thick Texas Toast style bread is best for French Toast, if you haven't already made your own bread. 

Lots of eggs. 

Lots of butter, bread, eggs mixed with cinnamon and other spices. 

Got the pan nice and slick. 

A solid dunking of the bread in the French Toast egg mixture. 

And we're cooking! 

Perfect French Toast!

And a beautiful stack to go along with our Frosted Flake Cinnamon French Toast cereal. Will it really taste like French Toast? We will find out!

Jess - It doesn't smell natural. 
Jon - It says it has natural and artificial flavors.

Joe - It tastes a little cinnamony, but not much. 
Jess - If you said "That's Frosted Flakes" I wouldn't have disagreed. Nothing jumps out at me. 
Alli - Yuck! I bit a flake in half and threw the other half away. 

Patrick - That's crunchy french toast. 
Avery - Thumbs sideways. That means it's only okay, but I don't love it. 
Jess - Freezer section french toast. 

Now what everyone is really looking forward to this morning. Jess' French Toast! 

Everyone likes syrup too! 
Alli - I like real french toast better. 

Jon - I don't think they compare at all. The cereal is nothing like real french toast. 
Sheila - Apples and Oranges. 

Avery - Can I have some butter and syrup?
Patrick - It's already got butter. How about just some syrup. 
Jess - I can pour it and you can dip it in syrup. 
Jon - You don't get to lick syrup off your plate when you're eating cereal. 
Joe - You could put it in a bowl of syrup instead of milk. 
Jon - But syrup and butter is part of the experience. 

Joe - Alright let's put the cereal in syrup and see how that tastes. Does the artificialness come through? 
Jess - It's actually good. Kinda crunchy. You get a hint of artificial at the end. 
Joe - Jess, I think your french toast is way better. 
Jess - I wouldn't go out of my way for that. 

So, Cinnamon French Toast Frosted Flakes. Not exactly our favorite. Unfortunately whatever flavors it does have, come through as very artificial. 

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  1. Eating that delicious-looking homemade french toast is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than eating the cereal in syrup! :-) The cereal wasn't too good if Alli could only eat half a flake and throw the other half out!...or Jess' comment, "Freezer section french toast", isn't quite the vote of confidence for the cereal. Thank goodness for the homemade french toast to save the day! EOM