Thursday, May 30, 2024

Happy 24th Anniversary Theresa!

Happy 24th anniversary Theresa! We’ve had lots of fun adventures and I’m looking forward to many more!

The cousins asked if they could take the kids to Cedar Point amusement park on the weekend. Of course!

We were going to celebrate on our actual anniversary, but this works out even better! With someone to watch the kids, we went out to have the whole day for ourselves!

Lunch was deep dish pizza (one of my favorites). Theresa isn’t as big of a fan but she humored me. Luckily I saw that right next door was Texas Roadhouse! She got just the delicious rolls to go! It was a win for both of us!

Wandering around a local park after our meal, it's the season for new goslings and ducklings. 
After wandering the park, we found a nearby coffee shop to hang out in. 

I then took her to a botanic garden. 

She has always said that I don’t have to bring her flowers, but if we’re out for a walk she wants me to stop and take time to smell the roses (or any other flowers) with her. I can do that.

For dinner, I made her favorite. Filet mignon for her on the smoker. I got a ribeye with truffle butter. Delicious! Plus fresh corn, homemade split pea soup, and leftover Texas Roadhouse Rolls! 
And of course even though she doesn’t ask for flowers, I still get them on special occasions.
Happy anniversary!

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  1. Happy Anniversary #24!!!'s been a wild, wonderful, and blessed adventure together! May you two be blessed with many more. Just spending a relaxing day together and not worrying about other family obligations was a great way to that yellow flower at the botanic garden (so bright and rich!)...fresh Texas Roadhouse rolls and Deep dish pizza made for a delicious lunch (well, at least the rolls for T)...and more delicious favorites for dinner, along with the lovely, red roses :-) Congratulations, again! EOM