Friday, May 31, 2024

Chuck E Cheese Summer Fun Pass

 Thank you Chuck E. Cheese for offering the summer fun pass again! Ian and Alli were on a mission! Day 1 clean out the claw game. Day 2 with their cousin Aubrey, clean out the claw machine again. 

They gave balls to every kid they saw inside Chuck E Cheese and still came home with a bunch!

The claw machine was being really generous.

Almost empty! Good job!

The next day, they were back with reinforcements! Aubrey is helping! 

Completely empty! Ian running to get them to refill it. 
After cleaning out the machine again, once the CEC employees came to refill it, it suddenly got a lot more difficult to win. The claw would purposefully drop them when it got to the top.

But they still came home with a bunch!

55 to be exact!

Perfect for backyard dodgeball!

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  1. "The Claw" pros do it again!!!...mission accomplished! Sounds like The Claw was starting to "tease" them by dropping it near the top ;-) Generous sharing of the bountiful balls that first day to others. Yet, managed to come back, earn some more, and clean out CEC more than once. Fun use of those 55 balls (that's A LOT)...looks like everyone had a blast during the dodgeball game. EOM