Sunday, June 2, 2024

Leaving Florida 2023 - 2023/04/18

Okay, fair warning, this year might get a little confusing on the blog postings. I am pretty far behind writing things up, having missed writing most of our adventures in 2023. Since we're starting 2024, I need to write those up too. So, it'll be a mix of 2023 and 2024 posts simultaneously until 2023 gets finished. Here we go. 

It's mid-April and we've got to get traveling North! Reasons will be in the next post, but regardless we've got to head out soon! 

Our last week of Florida, we did all the things we usually like to do. Going to the pool (and getting rained out). 

Going to the Pokemon Trading Card Club (and seeing it's cancelled...). 

At least we're making some delicious meals! The grill is great for this spicy Korean chicken. 

And we had to make a trip to see our friend Henry! Hi Boots! 

I think Guillermo wants to try Reese's cereal. 

Kermit has become very happy when we show up. 

Hi Kurt, Olga, and Medusa! 

Want some carrots? 

Always good to see you Henry! Have a good summer! 

We leave tomorrow, but today there's one more thing we want to do! 

Disney World! 

All our favorite rides. 

And the kids got money from their grandparents for snacks. Yum! 

When it's crowded, we just ride the train around the park, not having to get off at the stops. 

Nice helmet. 

You too Alli! Which must mean... 

We're riding Tron! 

A good time had by all! Have a fun summer Jacob! 

The next morning, we're all packed up and ready to go! 

Stopping at a gas station as we go. 

Until we stop at Lane Southern Orchards in Georgia. They're a member of Harvest Host, which means we can make a reservation with them and park in their lot overnight! 

Our travel day today. 

They are a peach and pecan farm, but none of those are in season right now. 

A look inside the store. 

But you know what is in season? 


Different phases of the strawberry life cycle. 


Back at the main house we got a few more snacks for the night. 

And might as well get some ice cream too. 

There's a few RVs parked here in the parking lot. Our neighbors are a little close... And when they started running their generator, we could hear and smell it inside our RV. A short time later our Carbon Monoxide detector started going off. Glad we didn't disconnect from the truck. We moved to another side of the parking lot to get away from that. 

The evening had a strange glow to the sky. 

A curious purple and pink color. 

The next morning it was time to get moving. Just 1 night at the orchards and we're moving on. 

Over to Whispering Falls RV park near the Burgess Falls State Park in Tennessee! 

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  1. Trying to squeeze in those favorite things as a last hurrah before journeying for the 2023 summer...some disappointments but mostly rejuvenating by seeing Henry and his growing animal farm and one last visit to MK with Jacob! Too bad peaches and pecans were out of season...that would have been something delicious to snack on; but being able to pick fresh strawberries was a winner :-) Yikes...carbon monoxide detector going off because of that very close RV!...good thing the detector was working and there was another spot to move to. Both beautiful and eerie to see that magenta color in the sky. EOM