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2023 Road Trip - Tennessee - Burgess Falls - 2023/04/20

We've arrived in Tennessee as we are starting our 2023 Road Trip. Our RV is parked at Whispering Falls RV Park and we can definitely tell why it's called that. There is a general background roar of thundering water that we can hear from where we're parked. Let's go on a hike!

That's the fence of the RV park in the background. And we're on a trail now in Burgess Fall State Park! 

Walking right up to a small waterfall. 

A sign for a suspension bridge. 

Yep, I see the old cables for it. 

Hiking further in though, there is the promise of an even bigger waterfall. And T sure does love waterfalls. 

Here we are! Burgess Falls! 

This 136 foot waterfall flows into a gorge with 200 foot cliffs rising beside it. Pretty! It was a good way to spend the morning. 

But Burgess Falls isn't why we're really here in Tennessee. There's another big thing that's going on too. It's a very special day! Alli and Ian are both going to be in our niece Abby's wedding! 

We met up with the family at her fiance's house. 

Ian got to play on a scooter going down a big hill. 

While all the girls are hard at work inside prepping for the big day. The flowers all came in bulk and they were getting them prepped for all the table pieces, bouquets, and petals. 

With that work done, we were good to go back to the RV and hang out. I opted to go for a hike by myself to see the falls a little closer up. 

The rest of the family was turned off by this warning sign. 

The "Very Strenuous Hike" was not bad at all. It consisted of a few switchbacks, but most were these stairways, so there wasn't anything particularly treacherous about it. 

Made it to the falls! 

Right by the edge and hearing the water up close. 

The gorge it falls down into. 

There was even a trail that led further up the river. 

Some little falls. 

Interesting shells I found. 

And along the way, I got to see a few more pretty sights. 

All the way to the spillway that controls the rush of water into this section of the river. 

Ian saw the firepit at the campground and always wants to make s'mores. We looked around the campsite (not the State Park) for any dry wood or branches that would burn. 

Look at all those options! 

Looking good Alli. 

All ready for tomorrow's rehearsal! 

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  1. The lovely falls are enhanced with all that surrounding greenery...yes, waterfalls are a wonder to gaze at...beautiful hiking area to wander and pause to take things in. The videos and photos capture the scene so well. Once you do The Incline, any other stairways will seem "minor" :-) Alli & Ian are modeling quite a spiffy look in preparation for Abby's big day. Fire pits and s'mores are synonymous for many :-) ! EOM