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2023 Road Trip - Abby and Carson's Wedding - 2023/04/22

It's time for the wedding! 

While there are plenty of photos of the ceremony, including the beautiful bride and groom, I figured I'd focus mostly on the ones with the kids. You can find all the photos on Makenna Brooke's site here

Ian, along with Carson's brother Joel walking in as Ring Security aka the Ring Bearers. 

And here comes the Flower Girl. 

So cute Alli. 

Don and Abby. 

The weather has been threatening all day. The ceremony started dry, but soon showers were upon us. Luckily one of the bridesmaids thought to buy a dozen clear plastic umbrellas for everyone in the wedding party and the parents of the bride and groom. 

I had grabbed a couple umbrellas from the truck for Theresa and her parents. The rest of us just ended up getting a bit wet. 

It was getting a little chilly with the rain coming in. Alli cuddled up to stay warm. The rain stopped a few minutes later. 

Presenting Carson and Abby Vaughn! 


Stopping for a kiss halfway down the aisle. 

With the ceremony completed it was time for photos! 

The kids all waited nearby. 

Swinging until it was their turn. 

There's the Myers family side. 

And all the wedding party. 

And since we're all dressed up, might as well take some photos of our own too. 


Jared and Aubrey aren't too far behind. Their wedding is coming up in just a few weeks! 

With the wedding over, we all went to the barn for the reception. 

Where we enjoyed a tasty meal. 

Don helping Alli cut her meat.

You never stop being a dad. 

Seeing some of our Colorado family. 

Cutting the wedding cake. 

Though Ian was most looking forward to the red velvet cupcake that accompanied it. 

The kids got to run around and play with Tatum and Macy. 

And then the loud dance music started and it was a big celebration party. 

We sent them off with a giant line of sparklers as they made their way to their car to head off for their honeymoon. 

Congratulations Carson and Abby!

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  1. A very happy & relaxed ending photo of Carson & Abby now that the stress of the ceremony and reception were over :-) What a unique congratulatory send-off in the night with the sparklers (really stands out in the darkness). Think I spoke too soon when I said no rain showers initially...thankfully, it was a brief one and umbrellas were available for the wedding party...then the sun broke through with the blue sky...made for a perfect setting to have that "halfway-down-the-aisle 'wow' kiss and pose" :-)! Many beautiful photos of the wedding party and the family, along with the personal family ones. There were big, delighted smiles on the guests when they saw Ian & Joel (looking like twin brothers, too!) strolling down the aisle in their cool sunglasses, bow tie, & suspenders...quite a look! Then there were the dainty flowers scattered on the aisle by Alli in her white, angel-looking gown! Quite a rocking, celebratory dance party after the meal...lots of laughter and smiles all around. Congratulations Carson & Abby! EOM