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2023 Road Trip - Abby's Wedding Prep and Rehearsal - 2023/04/21

It's 2023 and we've left Florida to start our summer of travels. It's going to be a very busy start though because there's a lot of big events happening! 

The first major event - Abby is getting married! 

I don't recall exactly how long ago they had to book this wedding venue, but I think it was something like 1 year. Abby wants an outdoor wedding in the hills of Tennessee. 
We've only got the venue for a short time though, so at noon on Friday, everyone showed up en masse to start prepping. This is where the wedding reception will be taking place. 

It's starting with bare tables, but by the end it's going to look amazing. 

So many friends and family members showed up to help. There's lots of table decorations, greenery, curtains, plateware, and so much more. 

Just a few of those flowers the girls were working on yesterday. 

Hanging greenery and curtains. 

Good job everyone helping. 

It's really coming together. 

Yeah... It was not so great of us to surprise Chick-fil-A with a large order right around lunchtime. I think it was something like 300 nuggets, 100 grilled nuggets, 30 large fries, a dozen fruit cups, and more. The CFA worker did not say "My Pleasure" when they left...

T made rice krispy treats, but I don't think there's going to be enough to go around. 

Looking great! 

Working on filling up the small tubes for the flowers that will go on the pews. 

With most of the work done, the kids took off to play. This was a massive game of hide and seek. 

And along with the venue, they get to use some golf carts. 
Carson, the groom, took the kids on a ride!


The one thing about an outdoor wedding though, you're at the mercy of the weather. And booking a year out, there's no way to know what's going to happen the day of. We've been watching our weather apps for the coming weeks just to try to get an idea of what's going to happen on the big day. It hasn't been looking good. And sure enough, while we're prepping things, the skies open up and it starts to pour. You can really hear it on the roof. 

After things cleared up, it was time to do the wedding rehearsal. Both Ian and Alli have to practice! 

Getting lined up to walk in. 

Go on ring bearers. 

And the Flowers flower girl. 

A very emotional moment for Don as he walks in his little girl. 

All lined up and knowing what to do for the next day. 

Ladies too. 

I think we got it. 

Next it was off to rehearsal dinner. 

Seeing photos of Abby and her fiance Carson as they were growing up. 

After the rehearsal dinner, in a surprise move, Theresa and I actually said goodbye to the kids! They'll both be heading out to spend the night with the wedding parties! 

The next morning, we were all up bright and early to head to the wedding venue. 

That's because all the ladies in the wedding party get to use this big house overnight and spend the whole day there getting ready. 

Theresa and Rita are preparing all the meals and snacks for them throughout the day. 

Have a good night Alli? Of course she did. Getting to hang out with all the bigger girls including Abby and Aubrey. 

Congratulations Abby! 

T and Rita had a lot of options for the girls throughout the day. 

Alli getting her nails painted with Abby. 

And loving the comfy pajamas she got. 

Big thanks to Makenna Brooke Photographe for these pictures. I've watermarked all the ones that didn't come from Theresa or I. 

Alli got to spend the night in a room with cousin Aubrey. So fun!

More pictures!

After a morning of getting everyone ready, it was time for the big reveal of Abby in her wedding dress. 

Turn around!


Then outside for photos. 

They've been doing this pose ever since Alli was born. I love it whenever I see it. 

Let's not forget about the guys! Ian went with the boys to a small house at the front of the wedding venue. Not quite as opulent as the girls, but at least it's on site. 

Looking good Ian. 

Oh! Ring Security! 

Show me those muscles! Serious about his duties. 

As we near 4pm it's almost time to start! 

No phones out please. We'll leave the wedding photos to the professionals. 

But I caught Ian as he was out and about. 

Serious face. 

And all smiles. 

Hi Grammy and Grandpa!

And Becky! 

Where's my girl? There she is! Alli, you look beautiful today!

Loving her cousin. 

All set? 

Let's do this! 

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  1. Leaving us all hanging with this last photo!! :-) :-) ...but thank goodness it wasn't raining! What a massive prep day in the reception hall...those massive sheer curtains (an elegant touch to "set off the room") and table runners decorated with the greenery, flowers, & candlesticks...just a "wow" job to everyone (definitely took everyone to do such a massive job in a limited time) Don realizing that his "little girl" is no longer a little girl, and will soon be starting a new life with Carson...definitely an emotional time during the rehearsal for him (and Amy). Such a beautiful, sprawling house the girls' wedding party got to use (those little rolling hills as the lawn added even more beauty). Theresa & Rita were the perfect ladies-in-waiting...tremendous help to the ladies. Enjoyed those "insider" photos by the photographer...just lovely, as were all the ladies in their finest!, but special shout-out to the bride-to-be, Abby, looking beautiful in her wedding gown. Liked how Alli had that sprinkling of small flowers in her hair (beautiful dress, too), and Ian looked so cool w/ those sunglasses while sporting that bow tie & black suspenders (very nice). P.S. You should create one post with all "The Pose" shots throughout the way to show how the 3 girls matured through the years :-) P.S.S. Thought CFA would appreciate the big business (guess too much of a good thing isn't fun when under time pressure :-) ) EOM