Saturday, December 26, 2015

Disneyland on Christmas Day

With T's entire family out visiting for Christmas, one of the things on everybody's list was a trip to Disneyland! Now Disneyland during the Christmas season is always packed, except of course on the morning of the 25th. Knowing this, we all celebrated Christmas on the 24th so we could head to Disneyland bright and early on Christmas Day!

Well actually it was just Rita's family and Donald's family that got up early to go to the parks. Theresa and I aren't going to be going on the big rides with two little kids, so we didn't feel bad sleeping in and joining them later.

Because we have plans to go to WDW soon, everyone decided to go to California Adventure, since they have unique rides you can't find elsewhere. Being there early in the morning paid off. Between the park opening and when we joined them at noon, they rode Radiator Springs twice, Tower of Terror twice, Toy Story Midway Mania twice, California Screamin, Soarin, and Mickey's Fun Wheel. That's like all the major rides in the park!

As Theresa, Ian, Alli and I arrived around noon, the crowds were still minimal. There wasn't much of a line to get through security, and barely any wait at the park entrance.

The first stop of the day was the Pacific Wharf for lunch. Between the bread soup bowls, chinese food, mexican food, and even some italian from the back of the park, I think we covered it all.

Poor Ian is starting to get a cold. Theresa and I were debating coming to the park at all today, but he's still in good spirits, and he's been talking about "Ian going to Disneyland" for the last few days.

After lunch, I ran him to the front of the park to check his temperature and give him medicine if he was too hot. Turned out he had no fever and was just a bit tired. Along the way, I saw a Christmas Duffy and had to get it for him.

Laying on mommy, and making his new Duffy bear lay on mommy too.

Kisses from the cousins.

Let's go on Ian's favorite ride. The carousel!

I love how he treats his bear like a little person. Making sure it can see.

Any time you see Aubrey, there's a good chance she'll be holding either Ian or Alli.

Let's ride one more time!

Big waves from Uncle Ty and Uncle Don.

A quick family photo before T ran off to the baby center to feed Alli.

Next we went in search of a few other kid rides. I wasn't thinking there was a height limit on the Jumping Jellyfish, but I was wrong. Guess we've got a few more years for that one.

As we left the Jumping Jellyfish, we saw custodian Ernest finishing a portrait of Grumpy.

Ernest saw Ian's jacket and asked if his favorite character was Tigger. Ian's pretty shy and didn't say much, but Ernest got right to work on drawing Tigger for him.

Still a little shy and not wanting to give a high five. Being sick probably doesn't help either. But thank you very much Ernest!


Thank you Uncle Don for the frozen treat. Ian sure did enjoy it.

As luck would have it, the group grabbed a bunch of fast passes for Screamin earlier this morning. Ian stayed with Aubrey and Ty to ride on the carousel more, while the rest of us rode the coaster.

I like the photo ops I've seen around the parks.

After Screamin, we caught back up with the rest of the family. Hi Alli. We'll get some smiles out of you sooner or later.

 Next Ian wanted to ride the "shells" so we called headed over to Ariel.

Taking turns holding Alli.

Ian saw this cast member was giving out stickers and wanted one too. When he asked for it, he got one right on his forehead.

Ian is being brave and riding with Aubrey and Abby.

While Alli rides with Ethan.

After Ariel, we were trying to make our way to Monsters Inc, but due to the parade were re-routed. Must be time for an ice cream break here in Cars Land.

Who doesn't like ice cream.

We tried to use the shortcut to make our way onto the back lot, but this section was closed off for the parade too. Instead, we made use of our time by getting another family photo in front of the red car trolley.

Then we waved at Buzz as he went past.

Well it's been fun, but we're not going to be staying too late. We've got to get Ian and Alli home, have dinner, then start getting ready for bed. Ian had a good time though.

Everyone else stayed late, enjoyed a funny Aladdin show, then used their fast passes for yet another ride on Radiator Springs Racers.

As we were leaving, we could tell the crowd had started to pick up. But if there's ever a time to go to Disneyland where there will be little to no crowds, Christmas morning is it!

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