Thursday, December 24, 2015

Decorating the Christmas Tree, our advent calendar, and putting cookies out for Santa

Right around Thankgiving, it was time to set up our Christmas tree.
First we fluff up all the branches. 

 Next it's time to put on ornaments.

Good job hanging the delicate ones buddy! I don't think we broke a single ornament this year!

Daddy preps the ornaments with hooks. 

While Ian and Mommy hang them all over the tree. 

 Where's Alli during all this? Taking a nap of course. She's ready for her first Christmas!

So the tree is all decorated, but how are we going to pass the time until Christmas? With an advent calendar of course! Back in November, Theresa reserved as many popular Christmas books from the library as she could find. A few days before Dec 1st, we picked them up and wrapped them.

Every day before bed, Ian would move the marker to the next day and grab a new book to unwrap. 

I thought this was great because Ian could get a bunch of new books to read, but we could return them all after Christmas was over. Plus we could figure out which books Ian liked the best, and maybe buy those for next Christmas.
Ian also got a lot of practice unwrapping presents, which is sure to make Christmas morning a little quicker.

Cute elf. 

What a beautiful tree! The day before Christmas, it was finally time to put all the presents underneath the tree.

I like the effect you get when you zoom in while taking a picture. 

Where's Santa? 

We need to have cookies for Santa, so I took a shot at making sugar cookies from scratch. I think they actually turned out pretty well. 

I got creative on a few of them with mixed success. 

On Christmas Eve, we set out cookies by the fireplace for Santa. 

Ian made sure to taste test a couple cookies (quality checks of course) and sample the milk. Once the cookies and milk were Ian approved, it was time to read books and head to bed. 

Tomorrow is Christmas!

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