Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sleepy Hollow Christmas Lights

After visiting Sleepy Hollow last year and seeing all the Christmas lights, there was no doubt that we'd be coming back. This year, Theresa's entire family came out to California to spend Christmas with us, so when it was time to go look at lights, we knew we'd all see them together.
Well, not quite all together. There's 13 of us right now, so if we were going to drive the neighborhoods, we'd have to split into 3 different cars.
Theresa decided she wasn't going to have any of that, and as a special treat, she organized a 14 passenger bus to drive us all around Sleepy Hollow.

We met our driver at a nearby parking lot and all loaded into the bus. T also made sure everyone had a new Contigo travel thermos filled with their favorite holiday beverage, and the kids made snacks for everyone to enjoy.  

The bus had a huge vaulted ceiling and wide panel windows, perfect for viewing Christmas lights. 

Last year, after walking all around these neighborhoods, I drew up a map of the streets that really went all out (shown in green), as well as the other neighborhoods nearby. Our driver Erika took us up and down the green streets, driving slow and letting us take in all the lights. 

It was so great having everyone together. I had Christmas music playing and we all sang Christmas carols together. Ian led us in a round of "Deck the Halls", which has become his favorite Christmas song by far.

Now while traveling in a chauffeured van might be good for looking at Christmas lights, it's not ideal for taking pictures of Christmas lights. I'll only be posting a few of the less blurry photos.

Alli was mesmorized by all the lights everywhere. 

It's Jack Skellington and his ghost dog Zero! 

Ian enjoyed sitting by the window and seeing all the lights. Oh and if there was a Santa Claus somewhere, he'd be sure to let us know it. 

Throughout the neighborhoods are houses selling treats. We stopped at one of the less busy spots and Donald bought us all some delicious churros!

Our driver Erika taking a group photo of all of us on the bus. 

After driving up and down the neighborhoods and seeing everything at least twice, our two hours was nearly up. Back to the parking lot to head home. Thanks Erika for the great driving! 

And a big Thank You to Theresa for organizing the entire thing! Nice job T! I think everyone had a great time! 

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