Sunday, June 16, 2024

Happy Father's Day to me!

It's Father's Day and I sure am lucky to be the dad of these two awesome kids. They certainly make life a lot of fun! They both made me cards to celebrate my special day! 

Ian's has Happy Father's Day Day along with confetti and the "Best Father Award". 
Alli has Happy Father's Day Daddy and a blue balloon (my favorite color). 

Inside Ian's card I get a party hat plus a coupon for a free bagel. Nice. I'll have to cut that out. 
Alli has drawn me a maze. I was told the little circles are doors you can get through. 

The back of the cards...
Joe - Uh, hey Ian... What does the back of my card say? 
Ian - I love you. 
Joe - Ah, okay. Thank you buddy. Love you too. We'll have to work a little bit on your penmanship. 

Alli - I accidentally gave you long hair. 
Joe - That's okay. I'm growing it out. Maybe it'll come down to my shoulders one day. 

Thank you kids! 

For lunch, Theresa was thinking about taking me out to eat. One of my favorite meals here in the Springs is Korean, and I always get their fried wontons. 
But what if instead of that, Theresa thought why not do our own taste test at home and find the best wontons we can make anytime! 

It's almost like she knows me. We'll be coming out with the results of that in a future post, but it was a tasty and very filling lunch. 

Better go for a walk to work a little bit of it off. Yes, even after a morning hike on the Manitou Incline we are still going outside for more. 

I had not just one, but two ladybugs land on my phone. That must mean I'm going to be double lucky today! 

And after that walk, Theresa and I went out to walk around another park and play Pokemon Go while Pop Pop took the kids to spend time together at Chuck E Cheese. 

What should we do for dinner? Well, my favorite food is pizza. And who makes the best pizza? 
I made my own pizza sauce earlier in the day, along with the dough. 
As dinner got nearer, I rolled out the dough balls and pre-cooked them without any ingredients to make these thin crust pizzas nice and crispy. (it's hard to make them crispy after all the toppings go on them)

Everyone making their favorite with all the toppings we provided. Patrick opting for a pesto pizza. 

Megan going half and half. Cubed pepperoni goes under the cheese for her. 

That's a good looking pizza Gram. 

Special delivery of a thin crust with all the vegetables for Dad. 

And here's my magnificent creation. It might be a thin crust, but it's piled high with everything else. 
Starting from the bottom, we've got red sauce, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, bacon, ham, sausage, pepperoni, tomatoes, pineapple, diced garlic, cubed pepperoni, goat cheese, and basil. Top that with a balsamic vinegar glaze and you've got a delicious pizza you couldn't find at a pizza shop. 

And because it's pre-baked, the thin crust can still hold up even with all those toppings. 

My favorite. 

Even though none of us were thinking about food after all that, there's still dessert to be had. Theresa bought my favorite French Silk pie from Village Inn. Megan made brownies for Patrick, plus a Coconut Cream Key Lime Pie for Pop Pop. 

It would be rude not to try them all, right? 

Everything was delicious! Today we're not keeping track of calories.
Theresa said that Megan's Coconut Key Lime Pie was the best one she's ever tasted, which given how honest she's been in many of our taste tests, is high praise indeed. 

We're all full to bursting, but it's been a really fun day. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! 
Thank you to my family for making mine special. 

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  1. Those DELICIOUS desserts were a great way to top off Father's Day!!..that's right, must be polite and try them all :-) ...I definitely would have! Look at all those different fried wontons...I'm sure each wonton variation had their own unique deliciousness...that was a tasty lunch, indeed (can't wait to hear about that taste test result!). You've created quite an "Everything Pizza"...that was a loaded pizza of different meats, cheeses, and other flavorful toppings...a filling meal on a "thin, crispy edible platter" :-) Such heart-felt sentiments from Ian & Alli with their creative, hand-drawn cards (smiled when I read about the accidental long hair...maybe subconsciously she wonders how you'll look with "long" hair :-) :-) ) Wonderful Father's Day gathering! EOM