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Sour Patch Kids Oreos - Taste Test Comparison

Any time I see a new Oreo flavor out, there's a pretty good chance that we're going to try it. But what is this new flavor I see?!? Sour Patch Kids!!! We taste every single Sour Patch Kids items that we can get our hands on! 

From Sour Patch Kids Ice Pops, Ice Cream, Sour Patch Kids Cereal, Marshmallows, Yogurt, Sour Patch Kids Chips Ahoy Cookies, Sour Patch Kids Watermelon Ice Pops, Sour Patch Kids Freezer Pops, Sour Patch Kids PopcornSour Patch Kids Gelatin to Sour Patch Kids Gum! There's even a big Sour Patch Kids taste test that I haven't released yet that will be even more epic! 

But getting back to these Oreo Cookies, I knew we'd be tasting them as soon as I could find them. 

And just like we always do, we'll compare the Oreo Sour Patch Kids Cookies to real Sour Patch Kids Candies and see how the two compare to each other. 

And before we go too far, I have to say, I love how Oreo did the packaging for these cookies. Normally Oreo will have a typical blue bag, or maybe yellow in the case of the Golden Oreos. But these Sour Patch Kids Oreos jump out at you amongst the sea of blue, letting you know they are something different. The yellow bag with green on the ends matches the bag of Sour Patch Kids candies very well. 

At first glance, the cookies look to be of the Golden Oreo variety, but a closer inspection reveals a little more. 

It's a Sour Patch Kids Flavored Cookie & Creme with Colorful Inclusions (according to the bag). I definitely see those "sprinkle" inclusions throughout the creme. 

And the cookie by itself definitely has them too. Looks like we've got all the original colors in the cookie. I see blue, green, red, yellow, and orange too. Nice work on that! 

The question is though, does the Sour then Sweet of Sour Patch Kids belong inside an Oreo cookie? 
Looks like those rascally Sour Patch Kids have brought a can of spray paint and are marking the Oreo bag. 

And down here on the side too! 

Well I for one am ready to dig in! We've got a good sized crew here today who happens to LOVE Sour Patch Kids, so I'm excited to try it with them. 
What do you think kids? 

Joe - They smell very sweet. 
Theresa - But that's just Oreos in general.
Joe - But they have a Sour Patch Kids smell to them.
Ian - It's true, they do. 

Don - Yay!!!
Adriana - It smells like a Sour Patch Kid. 
Ian - The creme is Sour Patch Kid flavored. 
Alli - It's good!
Ian - Those are pretty good!

Ethan - Uhhh.
Theresa - Eww! 
Tyler - I think I'd rather have an Oreo or a Sour Patch Kid. 
Rita - Ugh! That tastes like vitamins in it! 
Ethan - I does actually. 
Joe - Really? I don't get that. 

Rita - Oooh, no. 

Tyler - It kinda reminds me of...
Ethan and Tyler simultaneously - FLINTSTONE VITAMINS!

Well if they said it at the same time, it must be at least a little true. 

Joe - I'm not tasting it here. 
Tyler - Have you ever had Flintstone vitamins? 
Joe - I love Flintstone vitamins. 
Tyler - Me too, but not so much in a cookie. 

Joe - I get a sour kick to it. 
Richard - Yeah, I just got the sour too. 

Theresa - That might be one of the worst Oreos they have ever made! 
Joe - Really? I don't know. 
Theresa - They've made some bad ones, but that is pretty horrible. What has been worse than that? 
Adriana - I wouldn't have it again, I don't think. 
Joe - You said you liked Sour Patch Kids, but these aren't Sour Patch Kids to you? 
Adriana - No. I don't like the hard crystals in it. That's what's throwing it off. 

Joe - I don't hate this one. 
Ian - It's yummy! 
Alli - It's good!
Rita - I don't like it at all. I would never had another one of those again. 
Theresa - Never! 

Theresa - On to the Sour Patch Kids! 
Rita - On to deliciousness! 
Donald - I want to taste them all! <sarcastically> I wonder what a blue tastes like? (like he's never had them before).
Theresa - The candy is amazing! 
Adriana - Those are good. 
Ethan - That's the winner. 

Don - I want to try the creme by itself. 
Joe - Ian and Alli, have some of the creme with me. 

Don - I do like it better separately. 
Joe - Just the creme. It's got crunchy sugar crystals in it. It also has some sour crystals in it. 
Alli - The cookie doesn't really match the flavor of Sour Patch Kids. 
Ian - It's just a cookie. 
Joe - You're right. I'm not getting much. It's mostly just cookie. The creme is doing the heavy lifting for sourness. 
Don - The cookie is colorful, but the flavor is in the filling. 

So... it's not so much a hit here. The kids and I were the only ones who liked it. The rest of the taste testers did not care for the Sour Patch Kids Oreos at all. The Sour Patch Kids candies though were a big hit as always. One of our favorite fruity candies!
I left both the cookies and the candies out on the counter, and the candies disappeared within an hour. The cookies I had to pack up and put away because no one was touching them. 

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  1. Tastes like FLINTSTONES VITAMINS (hahaha...funny that both Tyler and Ethan said it simultaneously) :-) ....not the kind of desirable taste for a cookie! least the Sour Patch Kids colors were captured in the cookie & creme, and the packaging was an excellent match with the candy packaging:-) Think sticking to the candy will be the way forward! Alli's leotard (?) had the matching colors of the Sour Patch Kids packaging, too (Some time ago she use to try to wear something to match/complement the taste test. It's a very colorful, pretty leotard) EOM