Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Sour Patch Kids Snack Pack Gelatin Taste Test Comparison

Taste tests and traveling are kind of our thing. If we're visiting family or friends, it's always fun to bring something along to try together. The kids recently got these Sour Patch Kids Snack Packs in their Easter basket and I thought that would be the perfect thing to try with everyone! 

We have tried just about every type of Sour Patch Kids treat you can think of, including Sour Patch Kids Ice Pops, Ice Cream, Sour Patch Kids Cereal, Marshmallows, Yogurt, Sour Patch Kids Chips Ahoy Cookies, Sour Patch Kids Watermelon Ice Pops, Sour Patch Kids Freezer Pops, and Sour Patch Kids Popcorn
My favorites have been the Sour Patch Kids Cereal (surprisingly delicious) and the Sour Patch Kids Ice Cream. 
Today we'll be giving these gelatin Snack Pack flavors a try. They've chosen to go with the two classic flavors Redberry and Blue Raspberry. The Tagline for these is "Sour, Sweet, Gone". 

Custom Sour Patch Kids? Along with the regular flavors you can also get White Pineapple, Pink Strawberry, and Grape!

I like how they've incorporated those Sour Patch Kids into the lids of the Snack Packs. Bright yellow colors with the kids on front. 

To me, they didn't do a great job at mimicking the color. The red is a little too dark and the blue is a little too bright. I see that this is all gelatin with no extra sugar or chewy bits. I have some concerns about how this is really going to be Sour then Sweet if this is all the same consistency. 

Let's give Redberry a try first. 

Wow, they actually did a good job at getting the flavor of Redberry right. 

It's got a little bit of sourness to it, but they've done good getting that Redberry flavor. I'm impressed! 

Now let's give Blue Raspberry a try. 

Well. That's just a generic raspberry flavor. It's not even sour. There's nothing in it that would make me think Sour Patch Kids. 
Theresa doesn't like the Blue Raspberry at all. Aunt Donna thinks the Redberry is a whole lot better. 

Abby has figured out what they should have done. If they want these to be Sour Patch Kids Snack Pack, why not actually put bits of Sour Patch Kids in it! 

The sugar crystals and gummy texture differences make a big difference in how much we like these. The original is good, but it could be so much better! 

That works Alli!  
Theresa - That's one of the better gelatins I've had. 
Abby - The red jello tastes the most like the candy. 
Sharon - Both are good. 
Joe - It's nice to have the extra sourness. 
Zack - The sourness balances out the sweet. 

As far as favorites overall, what's the best? Candy or Jello?
Redberry Candy - Gary, Joe, Alli, Theresa
Redberry Jello - Ian, Donna
Blue Raspberry Candy - Sharon, Abby
Blue Raspberry Jello - 
Orange Candy - Zack (that's not even an option!)


  1. Sharon seemed to get a good, yummy surprise with the Redberry gelatin :-)...but Aunt Donna's expression with the Blue Raspberry seemed the opposite :-) Mixing the candy with the gelatin upped the ante! Fun taste test with the family. Those Custom Sour Patch flavors sound interesting to try eventually. EOM

  2. I'm an adult. a grown up. yet, the Redberry jello has been my favorite "food" for over a year. I was curious to see what the Internet thinks about this culinary masterpiece and found this amazing family/lab test. I love it! I also feel like my opinion is validated 😅. I'd just like to say that it's awesome to see how you register family adventures in your blog. the Internet has become a challenging place to have a good time... but this has definitely made my day. thank you all :))