Sunday, May 29, 2022

The Flowers Travel to - Kansas and Colorado - 2022/04/25-28

Today we travel! I'm combining a couple travel days in this one because we're finally going to reach our destination where we'll be spending a few weeks! Colorado! Let's get moving!

Our first stretch is going to take us from the border of Texas and Oklahoma to the middle of Kansas. 

The road we took to get from Lake Texoma up through Oklahoma wasn't a major road, but we were expecting a bit more of a Welcome to Oklahoma sign. I saw this one, which seemed more like an advertisement for a bar, and expected something more official to come, but nothing ever did. Anyways, Welcome to Oklahoma!

But finally the kids can mark another state off their list! Oklahoma can finally get marked! 
Because we're not staying overnight in the RV it's not going to make the RV map, but this is good enough for now. We'll try to catch it on another trip. 

I thought it was interesting how many of the cities in Oklahoma had their own "advertisements" touting their attractions to get people to stop by. 

After a few hours of easy driving, we made it into Kansas. Thankfully the wind hasn't been too bad today. It's blowing in the upper teens, but it's nothing too bad for the 5th wheel RV. 

Today was certainly a long travel day. 8+ hours driving. I was ready for a rest.

For tonight's quick overnight stay, Theresa found us a no-frills place called Creek Side Resort. They have super long pull-through sites and easy access from the road. 

While Theresa got dinner going, I took the kids over to the small playground for them to stretch their legs and run around. 

Dinner is ready! Our overnight was uneventful, just like we wanted. 

The next morning, we got an earlier start than usual because this is finally the last leg of our long journey. For breakfast I got to break into that large box of 85C pastries that we had left over. Yum!

This last push will take us right around 6 hours. It's hard to believe that 12 days ago we were leaving Orlando Florida. We've seen and done so much! 

The kids both know and love the "Hey/Hay" joke, and will use it any chance they get. We weren't sure why these bales were painted blue and pink. Theresa said it was an elaborate baby gender reveal announcement. 

Today I've been driving directly into a 20 mph headwind. Along with that, I'm climbing in elevation. 
As a result, the truck is indicating that I'm getting 6.5 miles per gallon. Ouch! With the price of diesel, that's like tossing a $5 bill out the window every 5 minutes. 

Welcome to Colorful Colorado! I'm sure I could make a comment on the "colorful" part, given all the dryness here, but that's been overdone I'm sure. 

Instead I'll mention something I noticed on a previous drive through here. The roads! Compare the nice smooth freeway in Kansas versus the bumpy road in Colorado! 

We made it to Colorado and to my parents' house! 

Hi Pop Pop! Good to see you!

And Gram! 

For dinner, my parents made us Philly Cheesesteaks, potato salad (no one makes it as good as Mom), corn and broccoli. Plus my brother Patrick, Megan, and Avery are joining us for dinner too!

After getting spoiled playing so many games with the Mississippi family, the kids wanted to play whatever games Gram and Pop Pop had. How about the game of Life! Not the modern version, but one from the 1970s. 

Ian has been loving comics on his iPad. When I was little, I would collect comics too. Mom still keeps them in my room. He was amazed at my collection of Garfield, Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, Archie, Heathcliff, Dennis the Menace, Beetle Bailey, Hagar the Horrible, Family Circus, B.C., Far Side, and more. 

The next morning after waking up, I went looking for the kids. I found them in the basement playing a game of Monopoly with Pop Pop acting as the banker. Three hours later I went down and they were still playing the same game! Monopoly can go on a long time, and in the end, I think Ian won by less than $50. 

We're here in Colorado for a few weeks, and I don't want to leave the RV on the street the entire time, having to move it every 3 days. Luckily there is a family friend with some land who lets us park for extended periods. 

We'll be back soon Beauty! 

On Easter Sunday, we fully intended to do an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. Easter was a travel day for us, and after we arrived and settled, rain started pouring and it wasn't a good time to do it. In the days that followed, we kept busy and it wasn't convenient. The kids have been hounding me about it nonstop though, so finally in Colorado we did it. Kids, I love your fancy Easter bags!

Most nights after dinner we tried to get out for a walk. Colorado has beautiful sunsets. 

And we like the playgrounds that are within walking distance. 

Ian pointed out all the pinecones on the tops of the trees. I haven't really noticed that before Ian. Cool!
Well that's the start of our Colorado visit. We have plenty more stories from our time here, which will be coming soon! 

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  1. Your going through Oklahoma made me think of that wonderful song, "Oklahoma!"...lots of great music in that musical. 6.5 mph is definitely a big ouch!! Despite the bumpy Colorado highway, Shreveport's still takes the prize it seems :-) Big, warm welcome from Gram & Pop Pop before getting into the house; then a delicious hometown, homemade dinner feast...great welcoming meal with the family. The basement has so many childhood treasures with those saved comics (Archie & Superman w/ Lois Lane were my favorites) and games (I remember playing The Game of Life! in the 60's & 70's...didn't know the "modern" version was different) Walks after dinner is a good way to work off those yummy meals and enjoy those beautiful sunsets (nice seeing the sun's rays shining out as it sinks beneath the horizon). EOM