Saturday, May 7, 2022

My latest Micechat article is live! We tried 3 different DIY Dole Whip recipes!

Dole Whip is one of our favorite treats at the Disney Parks. But can we make it at home? Read all about our attempts in my latest Micechat article!

Disney Taste Test! Comparing 3 Official DIY Dole Whip Recipes

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  1. What a "cool" taste test! Even though the DIY Dole recipe had the least correlation with the real Dole Whip, the suggestion to use it for a banana split sounds GREAT, or as a standalone tropical treat. I like the simplicity of the Disney Parks recipe...only 3 everyday ingredients and they're easy to find. The soft serve mix may have been easy to use (just mix w/ water) but all those listed ingredients on the package sort of makes the final product "less real" even though it came closest to the Dole Whip...a really good treat (in my mind) should consist only of the "real" stuff :-) Nevertheless, each of the treats was yummy at the end of the day! EOM