Friday, May 27, 2022

The Flowers Travel to - Kraft-Tyme in Canton Texas - 2022/04/20-21

Today is a travel day for us. We've spent the last few days in Mississippi, but now it's time to head West again. 

Our drive today will take us through the upper part of Louisiana and then into Texas. It'll be about 6 hours of driving today, which is on the long side, but we'll manage. It's nearly all interstate driving, so I'll be able to set the cruise control and keep it between the lines. Easy enough. 

Hey! It's the town of Flowers! I remember stopping by these signs with my family when I was growing up and getting our pictures by them. Can't do that so easily with the RV behind us though. 

Time to cross the Mississippi River! 

We're crossing one way, and it was cool to see a trail going in the other direction. 

The official state line of Louisiana. 

And the sign that we always look for as we cross into a new state. Nice to see people haven't covered "Keep Louisiana Beautiful" with stickers like the last one. 

We've had a lot of good luck with the rest stops having big enough spaces for the RV to extend the slides and make lunch. 

Theresa and I have been keeping an eye on the weather, especially on travel days. It's not fun to drive in the rain, but it's doable. The wind however can really ruin your day. Driving the RV straight at 65mph is no big deal. Getting a gust like that on the broadside would be a whole different story. Luckily today's gusts are in the 20s. I can feel it when I'm driving, but it's not too bad. I'm seeing travel trailers and empty 18 wheelers getting blown around, but my 5th wheel is handling it pretty well. 

Another town with a name we recognize. Ruston!

I don't know what's going on with the roads in Shreveport Louisiana, but they were some of the worst that I've ever driven as far as bumpiness goes. I was trying to get a drink and it was comical that there wasn't a stretch smooth enough for me to take a sip! It was so bad that when we arrived at our site, our host asked which way we drove and asked how we liked the Shreveport freeway. 

Welcome to Texas! "Drive Friendly - The Texas Way"
And honestly, to me it felt like the people in Texas might have been a little more friendly driving. Whenever construction zones came up and I had to get over, someone would give me room to get over and flash their lights for me to come over. 

Our destination today is a Boondocker's Welcome site in Canton Texas. We'll be staying just the one night and then moving to our next destination. 

This little shop is home to Kraft-Tyme Incorporated. After pulling in, we met briefly with the owner. They were busy here making different wooden shields and swords that they sell to Renaissance Fairs and other amusement parks. We could hear their wood routers and saw their leftover scraps, but being so busy, we didn't ask for a tour.

Our parking spot is just behind the building, just off the driveway. Since it was after 5pm, we figured it would be quiet for the rest of the night, but around 6pm a big 18 wheeler came driving down the road and snuck right beside us! 

It's random whether the Boondocker's Welcome or Harvest Host sites will have hookups, and they usually cost a few bucks. Having electric and water hookups (just no sewer) is a big bonus, and it's just one less thing to have to think about. 

This is a big sticker Alli! Time to finally put Texas on our map! 

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  1. Family name is so famous that a town is named after it :-) ...even Ruston has a pedigree! Forgot how those strong winds can be so dangerous when driving an RV on the road...a lunch stop with all the amenities certainly helps break up a long 6-hr drive. Time to pull out a straw when trying to sip water driving on a Shreveport freeway! Hooray for the Lone Star State, Texas! EOM