Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Comparing Cadbury Mini Eggs and Hershey's Chocolate Eggs

Every Easter I have a conundrum. I LOVE the Cadbury Mini Eggs. But if I buy them, my willpower crumbles and I can eat so many of them so quickly. They're so good and infinitely superior to a similar candy coated plain M&M. 

While at the store Alli saw that Hershey's also makes candy coated chocolate eggs and thought it would be fun to do a taste test comparison. Well she asks and I deliver. Let's compare the two of them!
The Cadbury Eggs are a little bit smaller than the Hershey Eggs. The shell of the Cadbury Eggs has a matte finish, while the Hershey's are glossy. There's also the difference in the chocolate, both the color and the texture, but we'll get to that when we get to the tasting. 
Sharon thinks the Hershey eggs look like a giant peanut butter M&M. 

The packaging for each looks very similar. 

Huh. So similar in fact that it looks like the same company. Sure enough, both are manufactured by the Hershey company, with the Cadbury mini eggs being produced under license from Cadbury UK Ltd. The first ingredient in both is Milk Chocolate, but it's all a matter of how each of those companies formulates their milk chocolate that defines the differences between the two. 

So what does everyone like tonight? 

Both are good. Both have a crunchy candy shell. The preference really comes down to what milk chocolate you like best. 
Hershey's has a little bit more of an acidic taste, though the chocolate is very very smooth.
Cadbury is a little creamier. 

If you grew up liking Hershey's chocolate, like in Hershey's Kisses or Milk Chocolate Hershey bars, you might prefer the Hershey's Chocolate Eggs. 
Greg - Nothing else tastes like a Hershey. 
For me though, I can't get enough of those Cadbury Mini Eggs. They are like crack. 

After all the votes were in, what's the favorite?
Cadbury Mini Eggs - Alli, Theresa, Donna, Gary, Joe
Hershey's Eggs - Ian, Greg, Abby, Sharon, Zack
Well it's an even split! Both are tasty!


  1. Both look good! Surprised you didn't pick the Cadbury over the Hershey since your Cadbury "habit" can't be kicked :-) EOM

    1. Oops! I mixed up the results! Thanks for catching it!
      Yes, the Cadbury one was my favorite.