Monday, May 2, 2022

Pizza at Home - Kids make pizza themselves!

It's another pizza day! Today is a big day. Today it's time to see what the kids really can do in the kitchen because today, they are doing everything all by themselves! I'll move stuff in and out of the oven, but the rest is up to them! Let's see how they do!

We already made those quick-bread hot dog bites together a little earlier, and they thought they were delicious. I asked if they had any other suggestions on what we could make with it, and they suggested we try making pizza dough! Sounds like a plan! Except this time I surprised them and said that they were in charge of doing everything! I got out the ingredients, pulled up the recipe, and let them go for it. 
Ian was in charge of reading off the quantity of ingredients. 

Alli was in charge of reading through the directions. We've got steps that need to be followed for these to go together correctly. 

Need melted butter? Put it in a cup and go figure out the microwave.

Together they worked their way through all the ingredients, as I watched on. The only deviation I saw was salt. They both like salt, so they ended up adding double the amount. I guess they take recipes as "suggestions" kind-of like I do. 

Once all the ingredients were in the bowl, they worked in turns to stir and mix the dough, then eventually knead it by hand. Ian was in charge of splitting the dough in half, and opted to use the scale. That is the most fair. Good choice.
They pressed out the dough onto a piece of parchment for baking. 

Neither of them wanted tomato sauce. Both opted for cheese and pepperoni. Ian's is a classic round shape, very nice getting it round and even Ian. Alli wanted to make hers for Ian. She knows he likes space, so that's roughly a star shape. She put an "I" in the middle, and then on the points of the star there are planets. Nice work Alli. 

I took over from here, moving them into the oven and rotating the pizzas as needed. After 12 minutes or so at 450F, these pizzas looked ready! They're looking great!

Next they got a lesson in how to use a pizza cutter. Don't push down on the wheel with your hand. Just use both on the handle. Ian helped by holding the plate for her. 

Then he took his turn cutting his own pizza. 

This quick bread is a bit like a biscuit dough instead of a pizza dough, but it still hot fresh bread. How was it kids? 
Ian - It's a little weird, but still good. A good weird. 
Alli - Yeah, it's good. 
Well I'm impressed! Great job following the directions, measuring things out, and making your own pizza from scratch! You're doing an awesome job making food in the kitchen!

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  1. The challenge was issued...the challenge was met head on (well "hands on")...(drum roll.....)...YES!!...Success!!! Ian & Alli, you did a SUPER job all by yourselves...demonstrating good reading skills, showing your kitchen skills, and turning out some yummy pizza food. You both have a lot to be proud of! I'll be looking forward to more kitchen creations from you two! EOM