Thursday, May 5, 2022

Visiting the Magic Kingdom - 2022/03/31

We're entering the home stretch for our time in Orlando. Better get our Disney time in. Plus it'll help get our walking miles in. Off to the Magic Kingdom! 

Getting here later in the day, we pick and choose the long lines we want to wait in. Like 30 minutes for Big Thunder Mountain. The kids enjoy having popcorn while we wait in the line. 

Big hands in the air! They're ready to move up to bigger coasters. Ian is excited to hit the road, and is hoping we'll be able to go to some other amusement parks with coasters that are even more thrilling. 

Splash Mountain just gets so popular sometimes. I don't love the wait, but the kids will happily spend an hour in line for a chance to go on it. And they love that Theresa joins us too. 

I was crossing my fingers that we'd get our first walk-off on this ride. The lights all came on and we sat for 10 minutes while they must have cycled the power. It was not to be though. 

Everyone put their hands in the air. 

Not having anyone in the back, I think our log "dug in" a little more at the bottom, causing us to get a little more wet. 

The kids like it though. 

And then they ham it up for the little drops at the end. 

Whenever family comes to visit, the kids somehow end up with a little cash in their hand with instructions to "get a little treat". Such was the case today, when Ian reminded us that he had an owed treat and he'd like to get some ice cream to share. 

Honestly, if it's hand-scooped ice cream, it shouldn't look like soft serve. Who wants ice cream soup? 

I took their soupy ice cream and brownie creation to the front of the castle for a quick photo. 

Then they enjoyed it while people watching. 

And animal watching. A local duck inspector came over to make sure we're not dropping things on her walkways. 

After a quick bite to eat, we went over to the carrousel while we try to find something with a short line. 
Ian had his eye on a horse while we stood in line. For his golden armor, Ian named his Meatal (metal I'm assuming), and mine I named Featherfox. 

So big, now that he can ride with no hands or feet. Oh I still remember when you were so little, riding these same horses when you were 1.5 years old. Strapped in, with mommy right beside you, holding you up. 

Alli and Theresa headed off to another part of the carrousel, because Alli had here eye on this horse with all the pretty flowers in her mane. She named her Katen, and Theresa's (not pictured) is Wildling. 

Just biding our time for fireworks, when lines should start to drop. 

Mmm, the smell of fragrant jasmine by the teacups is delightful. 

With 9pm fireworks tonight, Ian, Alli, and I jumped in the Space Mountain queue at 8:35pm while Theresa took a few spins on the Tomorrowland People Mover. 

We love our outer space ride in the dark. At 9:10pm we were off the ride and meeting back up with Theresa. 

And hustling over to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train before the fireworks ended. 

It's a fun queue, especially now that all the interactive elements are turned back on. 

Less than 30 minutes later, we boarded our Mine Cart! Thank you fireworks!

At 10pm, the park is only open for 1 more hour. Let's see how much we can squeeze in though. 
Haunted Mansion was a walk-on. Lovely. 

As was Goofy's Barnstormer. 

And Buzz. 

The teacups again. 

And to finish our night, one more ride on the Mine Train! That's 5 good rides in about an hour! And that's why nights and that last hour before close are our favorite times to visit Disney World. 

Ian's never going to give up trying to be king for the day. I told him the story about how someone actually did pull the sword from the stone, somewhat recently, and now he's even more motivated to do it. 

We had a fun night at the parks! Gotta get our Disney fix in before we go!

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  1. That "Sword in the Stone" photo of Ian & Alli really shows how they're growing so fast!...Alli definitely looks older than six (at least to me). Very nice twosome photo of a wet but smiling Theresa & you on Splash Mtn :-) What's with that soupy ice cream (again)?...but it looks like Ian & Alli still enjoyed it! What BIG coaster fans...Ian & Alli just can't get enough :-) Kind of funny (and cute) to see that Dad looking & smiling with the rest of your family on that group photo on Goofy's Barnstormer. Glad the family was able to squeeze in some last MK magic memories before hitting the road again. EOM