Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Magic Kingdom part 1

I'm going to Disney World!
We're in Florida with all the rest of T's family spending the week at Disney World. Yesterday we went to Typhoon Lagoon, but today it's the big show. That's right. The Magic Kingdom!
The rest of the family left the house bright and early to be here for park opening. T, Ian, Chi, Richard and I took our time and got there just a little later.

From the Ticket and Transportation center we waved at the monorail driver as he pulled up.

On to the park!

While I generally think the bag check at Disneyland is "security theater" at the Magic Kingdom it was no joke. Multiple lines were open and after every 3-4 guests, the bag checkers would shift down the line so you never knew who'd be there by the time you got to the front. And not only that, but they were thorough going through each of the bags. It did drive up the wait time though to get into the parks.

A photo in front of the Main Street Train Station and Mickey floral display. Wonder why Mickey is all yellow instead of white?

A quick family photo in front of Cinderella's castle before hit some rides.

One of Ian's favorite rides back home is King Arthur's Carrousel, so we chose to make his very first ride at WDW Prince Charming's Regal Carrousel.

Strap him in with the leather belt and he's good to go.

Well look who's here! It's all the rest of the family! Wave Ian!

Hi everyone. 

He just loves this ride. When it's over, he always motions for "more".

Rita happened to have an extra fast pass for Space Mountain, so I briefly left Theresa and Ian to ride my only roller coaster of the day.

The girls taking their ride through space first.

While the boys chased after them.

I like Space Mountain here, but I like the Disneyland version better.

After our ride through space, I met back up with Theresa, Ian, Aubrey, Chi and Richard while we hopped in line for it's a small world. Ian was happy to captain the boat.

And Ian and Grandpa had a lovely time waving at all the singing children.

Thanks to Aubrey for getting some pictures for me.

Next it was lunchtime. Our party wandered around the park looking for something that wouldn't take too long, but many of the restaurants had lines stretching out the doors. Our standby on past trips has been Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe. The lines were long here too, but with multiple counters and lots of registers open it moved fairly quickly.

One of our issues last time eating here was finding a table. That issue has been solved now with a queue to get a table.

We weren't able to all sit together, but at least we didn't have to hover over people waiting for them to finish.

After lunch everyone headed over to Pirates of the Caribbean. Normally I wouldn't wait in a 45 minute line for this ride back home, but being in line with family and being able to hang out and screw around made time go by faster.

Be good or we'll leave you in here!

Off we go! Hands in the air!

Imagine my surprise when I learned most of our group hasn't ever seen the Country Bear Jamboree. I insisted we see it and I'm certain everyone enjoyed it.

It was past Ian's nap time, and we were all surprised he hadn't slept yet. Just too many fun things going on I suppose. Time to head to Theresa's favorite napping place. Along the way, we got stopped by the parade.

T's favorite spot to catch some Zzz's is the Hall of Presidents. After all our trips there, I'm still not sure she's seen the entire show.

Just missed the next showing, so we explored the lobby. Ian really wanted to get to that carpet. He tried various combinations of one foot/two feet through the bars to get to it.

Keep squeezing. Maybe it'll happen.

Continue all the way across, continue all the way across... Nope.

Someone takes after his momma.

What's Theresa's other favorite ride to sleep on?

Carousel of Progress. And sure enough, he stayed asleep until it was time to leave.

Next we'll join up with the rest of family and finish our day at the Magic Kingdom.

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  1. We were there two weeks after you guys! Justin could only get one week off for work and we wanted to spend time in Fort Myers later in the week to visit family so we were only at the parks for 3 days. Unfortunately for us, our personal stroller broke on our Magic Kingdom day in the middle of a 5 hour downpour.